Big lifestyle changes require a lot of support. We are here for you every step of the journey. Whether you need weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with our certified health coach, or just some help navigating the grocery store and in the kitchen, we have the tools to help you succeed.

Support When You Need It

There is no question that big life changes are easier when you have guidance and support. Our Health Coaching services can be used individually or as part of your Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine treatment plan. Our certified health coach is skilled in helping you to create meal plans, shop and cook for health, and overcome obstacles that impede your progress.
To help you achieve your goals, on your schedule, participants in our Health Coaching services have access via email, video messaging, and or in person. We will cheer you on and guide you as much, or as little, as you need.

One on One Coaching

We know that accomplishing goals takes support from a lot of people. Weight loss is no different. One-on-one Coaching with our Certified Health Coach is an essential team member in your journey to health and wellness. A Health Coach is highly trained to address all of the hurdles you might encounter on your way. Whether you struggle with meal planning, recipes, mental roadblocks, or just need someone to talk through your strategies, a health coach can be an important tool in achieving success.

Recipes and Meal Planning

Need recipes that meet your specific nutrition goals? Need help planning meals to avoid food sensitivites? Your Senara Health Coach is the go to resource. They can even help you alter a favorite recipe to meet your dietary guidelines. Weekly shopping lists, navigating meal planning, working around food sensitivities or restrictions, you name it. They can help you figure out the foods that will keep you satisfied and on track.

Weekly Check-Ins

Important to any detoxification, health, or weight loss plan, a weekly check-in with your Health Coach will make sure you are meeting your goals, sticking with your treatment plan, and on target for success. Keeping you accountable. These weekly sessions also serve to make sure we can alter your Anti-Aging Treatment plan to improve results, as needed.

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