1. 5 Ways to Beat Stress Naturally

    Here's 5 Ways Senara can help you take care of YOU today and every day: ✔️ 1. Get Adjusted - Chiropractic improves nervous system health, which improves mood and a sense of overall well being ✔️2. Try Acupuncture - this 3000+ year old modality is a powerhouse at relieving stress and anxiety …Read More

  2. Chiropractic Care for Colic Relief

    Colic is every new parents’ worst nightmare.  Having a baby is supposed to be a beautiful, joyous experience, but when that baby cries inconsolably for hours, days, weeks on end... it is anything but.  The exact cause of colic is unknown.  Some physicians speculate that it could be caused by bi…Read More

  3. Back to School: Kids and Backpacks

    As a chiropractor, I see a lot of adults suffering with neck and back pain.  Over the last few years I’ve also seen an increase in children who are experiencing similar discomfort.  Why? One major contributing factor is how increasingly heavy backpacks are getting. Backpack Statistics The U.S. C…Read More

  4. Toxins

    October is National Chiropractic Health Month, dedicated to raising public awareness of the value of a more holistic approach to health.  At Senara, we like to provide our patients with the tools and education to take control of their health.  The chiropractic philosophy of care states that health…Read More

  5. 3 Ways to Correct Poor Posture at Home

    In our last discussion, we talked about the causes, posture changes, and symptoms of upper cross syndrome, but how can upper cross syndrome be corrected or prevented?  The short answer would be to do exactly the opposite of what causes the condition. Ideal Posture Perfect posture is hard to obtain …Read More

  6. Upper Cross Syndrome: Part 1

    Although you have probably never heard the term Upper Cross Syndrome, I can guarantee that you have seen someone with this condition. Take a second and look at the people surrounding you currently. Do you notice anyone hunched awkwardly over a keyboard or smart phone? What does it look like? Upper C…Read More

  7. It's All About The Nerve…

    The human body is an amazing structure that begins as a single cell. When fully developed, it contains approximately 37.2 trillion cells, has the ability to heal and regenerate tissues that have been damaged. Even with this amazing ability, from time to time the body needs a little assistance to h…Read More

  8. Chiropractic for Kids: Just What the Doctor Ordered

      As a young boy, I was quite the daredevil. The number of times I fell on the ground, hit my head, landed on my back, bumped my elbow, skinned my knee, stubbed a toe, smashed a finger, or rolled my ankle are too high to count.  Now as a parent and a chiropractor, I get to see firsthand all of th…Read More