Migraines and headaches affect a significant portion of the population in the United States. Generally, the first measure that people take to relieve a headache is an over-the-counter pain reliever. But these measures are only temporary, and a chiropractor can give you options for long-lasting natural headache relief. Senara offers the best chiropractic benefits to our Peoria, Illinois, patients.

A chiropractor adjusting a woman's neck

Reduce Neck Tension

Muscle tension in your neck is a common cause of headaches. A chiropractor can reposition the bones in the neck with manipulation techniques. These manipulations loosen the joints in the neck that help relieve some tension. Your chiropractor may also assign you exercises to keep your neck loose and the tension to a minimum.

A chiropractor reviewing neck x-rays with a patient

Repair Spine Misalignments

A spinal alignment makes a large impact in contributing to headaches and migraines. When the spine is misaligned, the blood that flows to the head decreases, causing inflammation that leads to a headache. Having a chiropractor put your spine back in alignment means less pressure on the blood vessels that cause inflammation and irritation.

A woman receiving a chiropractic adjustment

Relieve Pressure on Nerves

The spine plays a large part in our nervous system. When the spine isn’t balanced and aligned, the nerves that thread through the spine can become pinched. The pinched nerve can then cause headaches and migraines. Relieving the pressure on the nerves allows them to function properly and reduces the number and severity of headaches.

A man receiving a deep tissue massage of his shoulders

Recommend Other Therapies

Often, other therapies need to work in tandem with the chiropractor’s manipulation techniques. Massage and physical therapists work together to release tension in the muscles of the neck and upper spine. Dietary and lifestyle changes may also help patients relieve headache symptoms. Many therapy practices can help your chiropractor get the results you need to relieve headaches naturally.

Non-invasive chiropractic benefits may help you avoid the alternatives, which could be steroid injections or surgery. The natural relief that a chiropractor offers is appealing to a lot of patients. Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa stays abreast of new diagnostic procedures to provide the best headache and migraine relief options for your care. Contact us today to request an appointment.