The previous blogs in our children’s spine health series have focused on the shift towards virtual learning and the impacts that technology can have on your child’s spine health. 

While many students have moved to a virtual learning model, it’s still important to address what they’re carrying in their backpack. Poorly packed or oversized backpacks can cause a lot of damage to your child’s back. Whether they go to a daycare program where they need to bring their school work with them or they spend their days working at a friend’s or family member’s home, you want to make sure that their backpack isn’t causing unnecessary damage to their back. 

Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa in Peoria offers pediatric chiropractic services to help relieve any stress and tension on their nervous system — including backpack strain. Request an appointment, and bring your entire family to meet our chiropractor! 

A Look Inside the Backpack

When it comes to what you put inside your child’s backpack, it can be hard to know when their backpack is too heavy for them. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, you want to make sure that the backpack weighs less than 10% of their body weight. But if you have a middle or high schooler in the family, you know that rule is easier said than done! 

On top of that, how your child wears their backpack also has an impact on their back. 

Ensure that both straps are over their shoulders and find adjustable straps that allow you to keep their backpack secure, even as your child grows. If your child (or teenager) has to carry heavy items, pack them toward the back of the backpack, closest to their back. This prevents those heavier items from putting additional strain on their back. 

We know that being a parent can come with many different challenges, from ensuring that they’re not falling behind in school to making sure their backpack isn’t causing them pain. Let our pediatric chiropractor at Senara help you prioritize their spine health. And while you’re here, ask our chiropractor about treatments for ear infections, digestive problems, ADHD and ADD, and asthma and allergies.  

Request an Appointment With Our Chiropractor in Peoria

While your child’s backpack might be collecting dust in the corner during this shift towards virtual learning, it’s still important to understand how the things your child uses can impact their overall spine health. 

Follow the same rules for how to wear a backpack when your child is packing an overnight bag for a sleepover with friends or going to spend the holidays with family. Request an appointment with our chiropractor for pediatric care, and make sure that your child’s backpack hasn’t already caused alignment issues. Choose Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa in Peoria today.

We hope that our blog can be a useful tool for you to learn more about your child’s spine health, and how a visit with our chiropractor can be beneficial for the entire family.