Serious athletes, or people who work out regularly, put their bodies under quite a bit of stress during exercise. And, sometimes, even this “good” stress can cause pain due to muscle soreness or injury. Taking prescription drugs can be an option, but there’s a natural way to ease the pain — chiropractic care. 


Muscle or Joint Pain


If you experience acute or chronic pain, you may benefit from seeing a chiropractor. Musculoskeletal issues, such as muscle and tendon injuries or overuse, and slight shifts in the alignment of the bones may be the culprit for the pain. If left untreated, these musculoskeletal issues can make you more susceptible to further injury because it causes tightness in your ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Your chiropractor can help you decrease the associated inflammation and pain from bone misalignments and muscle tightness through adjustments, physical therapy, and other modalities so you can get back to the gym safely. 


Decreased Range of Motion


Athletic activities require different levels of physical exertion, but many require proper mobility of the body. When your joints feel stiff or are painful, a trip to a chiropractic clinic can significantly improve your mobility. For athletes, decreased range of motion could mean not just poor performance, but higher likelihood of injury. Chiropractic care is essential to keeping your joints and muscles healthy, which helps to optimize your range of motion. 




About 90% of Americans suffer from headaches, but it’s worse for athletes who can’t afford to compromise performance due to pain. You can take prescription medication for the pain, but if you are having to use medications frequently for headaches, it’s probably time to see your chiropractor. A chiropractor can identify the root cause of your headaches, and treat accordingly by looking into physiological causes of the pain like a misaligned vertebrae, bulging discs, or tense neck.


Enhance Performance


As an athlete, your body is under constant pressure to stay in peak condition at every game. Preventative visits to a chiropractor can keep your muscles and joints performing their best. With adjustments, you can avoid making your sports injury worse, improve your breathing and even improve your reaction time. Many sports teams and professional athletes have a chiropractor on staff for this exact reason!


Post-Gain Pain


Athletes push themselves hard all the time. While joint or muscle soreness is normal, new or worsening pain after training, practice, or a game could mean there’s a problem. This could be a sign of misalignments in your spine or tight muscles that worsens the pain. Spinal adjustments can take the strain off your muscles and nerves, which decreases pain and soreness.


Improper Posture


Improper posture is another reason for musculoskeletal issues. Forward head posture, abnormal spine curvature, and sitting in front of your computer or devices too much can all be contributing factors to pain. Poor posture adds pressure to your shoulder, neck, and upper back. This can add stress to your cervical spine and make you more susceptible to spasms and strains. Your chiropractor could also correct your form to reduce the risk of injuries when performing repetitive movements. 


Accident or Injury


Sports injuries are common among athletes. While recovering, work with a chiropractor to strengthen that injury. Chiropractic treatments provide a natural, drug-free way to overcome injuries. 


Athletes require a specialized level of care. For athletes looking to boost performance and improve overall health, chiropractic care is an option. A chiropractor can provide preventative care and educate you on how to avoid injury. If you’re an athlete looking for a non-invasive and drug-free way to prevent and ease performance-related injuries, a chiropractor could be the answer. 

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