If you’re afraid of needles, the term “microneedling” could send shivers down your spine. However, microneedling isn’t terrifying at all. We promise! Microneedling is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment that provides increased skin elasticity, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and even a reduction in the appearance of scars.

Learn more here about the process of microneedling, its benefits, and check out our medical spa page for more information about our microneedling and PRP/PRF facials. We even made a video of the owner getting MicroNeedling with PRF so you can see the whole procedure, start to finish! When you’re done, don’t forget to schedule your appointment at Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa to experience more vibrant and smooth skin.

The Process Of Microneedling

Microneedling is the process of creating micro-injuries in the skin using several tiny needles. At our medical spa in Peoria, we use the SkinPen, a device that allows us to control the depth of the microneedles to create precise wounds exactly where they’re needed.

The purpose of creating these micro-wounds is to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen. There is minimal cellular damage, but the body’s response to the micro-wounds helps to even skin tone, texture, and improve elasticity.

Along with microneedling, Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa also offers a PRP/PRF (platelet-rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin) masque to amplify the effects of microneedling. These masques contain a serum of growth factors and proteins that help the skin regenerate healthy cells and produce more collagen. And, thanks to the microneedling, the serum can penetrate deeper layers of the skin for better results.

How To Prepare For Your Appointment

If you’re still concerned about discomfort from the microneedling procedure, we always have our guests apply a numbing topical cream prior to beginning the procedure. This allows you to receive all the benefits and skin rejuvenation without any risk of discomfort.

The procedure is minimally invasive, so you’ll only experience a limited amount of downtime after your appointment to recover. Your physician will prep you for your appointment with more instructions for before and after your microneedling procedure, as well as additional instructions and recommendations if you’re also doing the PRP/PRF facial.

Microneedling Compared To Other Procedures

Microneedling is a great option for skin rejuvenation compared to other types of skin care treatments, and it offers an incredible amount of benefits.

Microneedling is minimally invasive, doesn’t use any chemicals, and enlists the body’s natural ability to heal itself to stimulate collagen production. For the best results, we recommend scheduling three sessions, but the procedure is so safe that it can be performed year-round to maintain and improve results.

The SkinPen is FDA-cleared, patent-pending and single-use, making it a safe, sterile, and more controlled microneedling procedure than with other microneedling devices at other medical spas. As the patient, you won’t even see the microneedles during your treatment, so you can rest assured that your experience will be a comfortable one.

The Benefits

Microneedling can help improve a variety of skin conditions, from signs of aging to acne and scarring. It’s a great procedure for skin rejuvenation, whether you’re looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, looking for scar treatment, or you’re just looking to refresh your skin.

While you’ll need to have a consultation with one of our medical spa physicians to find out if you are a good candidate for a microneedling procedure, the treatment is a viable option for a variety of skin conditions. Overall, it will reduce the appearance of scars, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, give your skin a more radiant glow, improve the texture, and stimulate collagen production for long-lasting results.

Find Out If Microneedling Is A Good Fit For You

At Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa, we offer a variety of skin rejuvenation services as a part of our medical spa to make sure that there’s a treatment that’s best for you.

If you’re interested in microneedling or microneedling with a PRP/PRF facial, contact us to schedule a consultation. Younger, more vibrant skin is just a phone call away!