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Give your body a natural boost of vitamins and enzymes to enhance metabolism and fat digestion. Lipotropic injections infuse your body with nutrients that aid the break down of fat, stimulate metabolic function, and increase energy. This helps your body shed excess weight faster. Your body will function at peak performance, and you’ll feel more energized.

Lipotropic Blend

Each injection has a carefully calibrated dose of B vitamins, Choline, Inositol, and Methionine. When dosed weekly, these lipotropic agents give your body a long-lasting and easily assimilated nutrient boost. The combination of these natural substances is important to helping your body recover from years of unhealthy eating and overconsumption of fat. They also give you lasting, natural, energy, which helps you stay focused on your weight loss journey.
The Senara Medical Weight Loss lipotropic blend features the following amino acids, nutrients, and co-enzymes to aid in weight loss:

  • Vitamin B12– Integral to brain and nervous system function, cellular metabolism, fatty acid production, maintaining energy levels, and red blood cell creation.
  • Choline– A key component to fat digestion and bile production. It is also emulsifies cholesterol and helps to maintain brain and nervous system function. Works in conjunction with Inositol.
  • Inositol– Part of the B vitamin family, inositol is a lipotropic substance that aids in the break down of fat and cholesterol. It partners with choline to remove excess fat accumulation and aid digestion.
  • Methionine– An essential amino acid that is not produced by your body and can only be gained through ingestion. It is important to protein and fat metabolism and aids in the creation of both proteins and choline in the body for optimal functioning.

Eliminate Excess Fat

Because lipotropic substances help to breakdown fat- or lipids- they are effective in eliminating excess fat internally. This includes fat accumulation on the organs and tissues, particularly the liver. The modern American diet, filled with excessive amounts of processed and nutrient deficient foods, can cause unhealthy fat deposits on the liver or other internal tissues. Additionally, high fat, and sugar filled foods wreak havoc on metabolism and liver function (the organ responsible for fat digestion). This results in the body creating more fat cells to store the excess. Combined with a diet lacking in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods, weight gain from fat cell production accumulates quickly.
By including lipotropic injections to your Comprehensive Weight Loss Program, or your own weight loss plan, you can see fat easily slide off your body. Digestion and metabolism are improved, and the body dramatically decreases fat storage.

Improve Liver Function

The liver is responsible for breaking down fats during the digestive process. It produces bile, a complex secretion that emulsifies fat molecules so they can be digested. Detoxification and waste elimination are also carried out by the liver. All of these processes are integral to distributing nutrients to the body. Lipotropic agents support the liver in it’s role and can rebalance nutrient and amino acid deficiencies that were impeding liver function. As liver function improves, your ability to digest fats, proteins, and metabolize waste will be improved. And this improves weight loss results.