Medicine and the way we treat health conditions is changing rapidly as we make new discoveries about the body and what it’s capable of. Regenerative medicine focuses specifically on stem cell therapy as a way to regenerate damaged tissue, as well as stimulating the body’s natural healing responses to regenerate tissue.

At Senara Health And Healing Center & Spa in Peoria, we offer different stem cell therapy treatments and platelet-rich plasma or PRP treatments to assist the body in regenerating tissues. Learn more about stem cell therapy, the different conditions that can be treated with it, and continue reading this blog for more information about regenerative medicine as a whole.

Cell Therapy

There are a few different branches of regenerative medicine — stem cell therapy being one of them. Another type of cell used in regenerative medicine for cell therapy is the progenitor cell. 

This cell is similar to a stem cell in that it has the ability to differentiate into a specific cell. However, a progenitor cell already has a specific “target” cell that it will differentiate into. 

Another difference between stem cells and progenitor cells is their ability to replicate. While a stem cell can divide indefinitely, a progenitor can only divide a limited number of times.

While progenitor cells have great potential for specific health conditions or injuries, stem cells show the greatest possible application across a wide variety of illnesses, conditions, and injuries. 

When injected, stem cells work with the body’s natural functions to support the repair, rebuilding, and rejuvenation of different tissues and cells in the body that are damaged or do not function as well as they should. This allows us to treat conditions such as osteoarthritis and other joint conditions, men’s health issues, scarring, and even hair loss.

Find out if you’re a good candidate for stem cell therapy by scheduling a consultation with one of our physicians.

Immunomodulation Therapy

Don’t let the long name intimidate you — immunomodulation therapy is just a type of treatment that targets the immune system cells in the body. The goal of this type of therapy is to either activate or suppress the immune system to help treat infections or health conditions.

Different types of activation immunomodulation therapies include:

  • Stimulation of the immune system directly
  • Stimulating dendritic cells (a type of immune system cell) to kill off antigens (toxins or harmful cells)
  • Transfusing engineered or harvested T cells (another type of immune system cell)

Different types of suppression immunomodulation therapies include:

  • Immunosuppressive drugs
  • Resetting the immune system through immune tolerance
  • Reducing the response to allergens

This type of regenerative medicine should not be confused with immunotherapy, though. Immunotherapy is used specifically in cancer patients because the therapy targets cancer cells. Immunomodulation therapy, since its focus is on the immune system, has the potential to treat cancer; infections; and autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, lupus, celiac disease, alopecia areata, and several other conditions. 

Note: While this service is not offered at Senara, we do offer stem cell therapy treatments as an option for regenerative medicine.

Tissue Engineering

Another branch of regenerative medicine is tissue engineering, which aims to replace entire portions of tissue rather than rejuvenate and repair sections of it. 

The success of tissue engineering depends on several factors:

  • The appropriate cells to engineer the tissue
  • The right environment, such as a tissue scaffold
  • The right biomolecules, like growth factors
  • Physical and mechanical forces to influence the development of tissue

To prevent the rejection of the engineered tissue, it’s important to harvest the healthy cells from the patient that will be receiving the tissue replacement. The cells harvested can be healthy cells taken from the tissue that is being replaced, stem cells, or from a lab-grown sample from the patient.

While this may sound like a concept out of a sci-fi novel, tissue engineering is a type of regenerative medicine that’s already being practiced! Some examples of successful tissue engineering include bladders, small arteries, skin grafts, cartilage, and a full trachea.

Note: This is also not a service we offer at Senara; however, we do offer stem cell therapy treatments as an option for regenerative medicine.

Regenerative Medicine At Senara

While many types of regenerative medicine are still being researched, developed, and tested, Senara Health And Healing Center & Spa is happy to offer a variety of stem cell treatments to treat joint conditions, aid in skin rejuvenation, and stimulate hair growth. 

If you’re interested in any of these treatments, contact us today. Our physicians in Peoria would be glad to help you find the best regenerative medicine treatment option for you.