At Senara, we passionately believe that all people have the power to live longer and more meaningful lives through a healthy lifestyle. This philosophy is at the core of every Senara service. It is why the range and depth of our services, and even our building, are all designed to help you reach your potential by fortifying your mind, body and spirit. We are your total wellness center.
Senara offers a total package of complementary health and healing services for our guests, including chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, and other natural and holistic wellness solutions. Nutrition Counseling services are available as well for guests to explore healthy supplementation, dietary changes, and detoxification. Plus, our Senara Spa is an escape and retreat from your everyday life, whether you have medical issues to work through or you’re simply looking for a relaxing way to reduce stress, infuse a little energy or just get away from it all. And for guests who want to look their absolute best, our Medical Spa is ever expanding with effective and cutting edge treatment therapies.
Take a look at our wide range of integrated health and healing services:

Our Wellness Center offerings also include on-going special events and activities. Join us for any of our wellness-focused events, or BUZZ Talk Lectures. Businesses can also take advantage of our Corporate Wellness programs, bringing important health information to employees through our Lunch n’ Learn series.
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