Senara’s Fuse IV Center in Peoria, Illinois specializes in custom compounded nutritional IV therapy treatments. All of our IV infusions are mixed at the time of your service with a custom blend of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. We use advanced laboratory testing to determine the correct dosage of each vitamin and mineral for your specific needs. No treatment is “one-size-fits-all.” This results in more effective treatments and superior results. And all of our treatments are prescribed and administered by experienced, board-certified physicians and registered nurses, to ensure your safety and well-being.


Treatments that are available with just a brief consultation. No blood testing required.


Recover and rehydrate. Perfect for those seeking a single treatment or just getting started with IV Therapy, the Fuse ReFuel Infusion provides a quick boost of hydration and nutrients. Electrolytes are rebalanced, dehydration is alleviated, and key vitamins are replenished.
30 minutes $149


Eliminate fatigue. Beat the weekday rush with a boost of energy from B vitamins. Ideal for the busy executive, individuals with high stress levels, jetlag, or anyone experiencing chronic fatigue. The Energy Infusion will help you conquer your day.
45 minutes $169


Restore inner harmony. A custom infusion of amino acids and electrolytes aid the body’s detoxification process during a fast, cleanse, or low-calorie diet. This infusion is designed to bring your body back in to balance for improved detoxification results.
45 minutes $169

Hydrogen Peroxide

Purify and heal from the inside. Fight infections without the use of antibiotics and restore wellness. This unique infusion is an ideal treatment for a wide range of health conditions.
45 minutes $129


Treatment requires blood work prior to infusion to determine optimal nutrients levels and absorption.


Rejuvenate from the inside out. High doses of select vitamins and minerals help the body to rejuvenate at a cellular level. You’ll not only feel better on the inside, but you will look better, too! Skin regains suppleness and tone is dramatically improved for a more youthful appearance.
45 minutes $229


Fight illness, fast. Boost your immune system with high doses of Vitamin C, vitamins, and antioxidants. Providing a higher level of vitamins than can be taken orally, this IV Infusion will have you feeling better in no time. May also be used as a preventative treatment during peak cold and flu season. Immunity is also an ideal adjunct therapy for guests undergoing chemotherapy or cancer treatments (Click here to learn more to learn about ongoing research for this therapy). We offer four levels of Vitamin C therapy with this Infusion; the appropriate treatment for your needs will be prescribed by your Fuse IV medical team.
60 – 180 minutes $215-$259


Remove heavy metal toxicity. Chelation therapy actively removes build-up of heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, from the body. Acting like a magnet to draw the toxins out, this infusion is designed to combat the side effects of our modern day living. For optimal results, we recommend Chelation Infusion guests to combine IV therapy as part of a Functional Medicine treatment plan.
45 minutes $179


For guests needing IV Infusions to address unique health conditions.

Athletic Recovery

Recuperate effortlessly. The athletic body is able to push itself to extreme levels of strength and endurance. Give your body the ultimate pre- and post- workout recovery with this advanced IV therapy, so you can get back in the game quicker. Electrolytes are replenished, and hydration is optimized, to improve your athletic performance.
120 minutes $279

Custom Infusion

Targeted treatment. Some health conditions need a more specialized approach. For these situations, we offer a custom infusion, blended with the specific vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs. Your Fuse IV medical team will work with you to create the ideal therapeutic “recipe” just for you. Blood testing may be required.
45 – 180 minutes $varies


Enhance your visit to the Fuse IV Lounge with any of our add-on treatments. To ensure availability of a spa or medical spa add-on treatment, please request the add-on when scheduling your IV Infusion.

B12 Injection

Increase energy, regulate sleep, and balance mood and appetite.

Vitamin D Injection

Boost immunity, improve bone health, and regulate body functioning.

Metabolism Booster/Slim Shot

Enhance your body’s overall functioning, improve digestion and mood, and fight weight gain.

Glutathione “Detox” Push

Improve vitamin absorption, reduce inflammation, boost immune system functioning, and fight aging.

Day Spa Add-On Services

Warm Paraffin Hand or Foot Treatment

Enjoy the sheer magnificence of warm wax that moisturizes while it soothes and softens.

Lip Collagen (topical)

Create the perfect “pout” for lips that demand attention.

Eye Collagen (topical)

Diminish puffiness, fatigue and fine lines. You’ll notice immediately how rested and restored your eyes look.