Go Green Top 10 Tips

This lively workshop offers you the top 10 tips on how you can make our world a greener place, including your house and body. We’ll share good advice on how you can help rid the planet, your home and body of toxic materials by making smarter choices. It’s all about living green for better health! Join us and see how much healthier, creative and fun it is to live green.

Preckshot Pharmacy Wellness Partnership Series

Senara has partnered with Preckshot Professional Pharmacy in an alliance to bring the latest health and wellness topics to the community. These engaging seminars bring the world of integrative medicine and therapy to the forefront, giving guests of these seminars a front seat to the most effective ways to heal the body with supplements, diet, and exercise.

Are Your Helpful Drugs Actually Harming You?
Each year, Americans ingest billions of dollars worth of prescription medications. Patients and physicians would like to believe these medications are “safe and effective.” But what is the real story? Take a look at the total picture of many of today’s most popular drugs.

Athletic Performance: It’s All About Recovery
Whether you are just returning to the gym, a weekend warrior, or an elite athlete, you want the greatest athletic performance for your time investment. But the true key to increasing athletic performance is not so much about pushing your workout, but rather enhancing your recovery.

The A, B, C, and D’s of Vitamins Supplementation
So many vitamins in the marketplace! So many claims! How do you know what you really need? Are you protecting your health, or are you wasting your money? Learn more about popular vitamins available in the marketplace, examine their potential value, and help decide if vitamins are the right choice for you.

Ten Products That Will Change Your Life
Preckshot Professional Pharmacy has been providing innovative customized medication for over 30 years. Quite often the biggest game changers in an individual’s health picture can be the simplest products. Learn about the products and information that Preckshot has been sharing with physicians for over 30 years!

Detoxification: Do You Hate Your Body or Does Your Body Hate You?
Every day of our lives we are exposed to and take toxic substances that accumulate in our bodies. Over time, these toxins accumulate and create significant health problems for each of us. Are there ways to prevent toxin accumulation? Are there ways to remove or detoxify existing toxins from our bodies? Learn ho to minimize adverse toxic effects in your body.

Adrenal Fatigue: Why Am I So Tired?
In today’s high stress world, fatigue is an every day occurrence for most of us. However, short of quitting our jobs, leaving our spouses, and moving to a desert island, is there any way to address and manage stress and fatigue in our lives? This presentation will explain the relationship of daily stress, the adrenal glands, and fatigue and best of all, how to better manage stress and adrenal fatigue in our lives.

What Can I Do Now To Prevent Cognitive Decline Later?
As many of us begin to think about advancing again, we become concerned about the possibility of Alzheimers Disease and other issues of cognitive decline. If there was something you could do now to lower your risk of developing cognitive deficiency later on would you do it? We will review the process of age related cognitive decline and examine options that may decrease our risk for developing cognitive decline as we age.

Why Pop is so Pooped? A Look at the Demise of the Middle Aged American Male
Physicians have been addressing the needs of middle aged female patients for over 30 years. Yet we now know that by middle age, most men are seeing a demise in the good health picture they may have enjoyed prior to reaching middle age. What happens at middle age and can this be halted or better yet, reversed? Learn what can be done to return men to a more youthful vigor.

Fibromyalgia: Theories and Therapies
Fibromyalgia is a complex collection of symptoms that can prove challenging for patients and physicians alike. No one is born with fibromyalgia, yet individuals often develop it later on in life. What has changed to bring about the symptoms of fibro and more importantly, what can be done to help reverse these symptoms?