For several years now, we’ve been spreading our Live Life Well message through Senara’s Corporate Wellness program to all types of businesses and groups such as CIAN, the city of Peoria, Wal-Mart, RLI, Marquette Group, Excel Foundry, and The Center for Prevention of Abuse. Read below how their teams have benefited from our Wellness Workshops. Then contact us to see what Senara can do for your company. No matter what type of business you’re in, we’re ready to help your employees learn how to live a life of health and wellness.
“I have been fortunate enough to visit the state of the art wellness center, Senara. What a great resource for Peoria, Illinois! I am equally as impressed with the lunch and learn Senara provided for my employees. Dr. Kramer was able to provide “life lessons” that were easy to follow and realistic to implement into our everyday lives in order to enhance one’s quality of life. I think it is important to continually educate myself and share with my staff the opportunities in our community to better their health and lifestyle. I am glad to see Senara reaching out to businesses in order to educate the community,”
Steve Hope, CEO/President CIAN and
“I am quite pleased with the Lunch and Learn presented by Senara. Molly was well organized as well as a pleasure to work with. Dr. Kramer brought an informative yet engaging presentation to share with the employees. I received great feedback from the employees and feel that they walked away with the information needed to make healthier food and lifestyle choices.”
Christine Bare, Business Development Coordinator