We call these workshops “Lunch and Learns,” because companies typically opt to have us give them during the lunch hour. Senara can even provide a healthy lunch for your employees, just give us an exact head count on the number attending no later than two days before your scheduled workshop. Also, keep in mind that if lunch is not the right timing at your company, you can simply contact us, and we’ll work with you on a time that’s best for you.

Eat, Move and Think Well for a Lifetime

This is one of our most popular workshops with guests, and Dr. Kramer’s favorite. He says that’s because our world is crazy, hectic and stress filled, and often detrimental to our health. So today we need more healing solutions than the traditional healthcare model offers. This important workshop shares the vital keys on how to Live Life Well every day through simple lifestyle choices. Choices that result in optimum health for a lifetime, so you eat well, move well, think well, and align well. No wonder it’s his favorite.

Game Changers: 8 Reasons You’re Sick, Tired, and Fat


The way we think about health is constantly evolving. As diet and health fads come and go, there are trends emerging that point to revolutionary reasons as to why we struggle to feel well and maintain a healthy weight. Health is more than just eating low fat foods or following a rigorous exercise routine. Dr Kramer will cover 8 game changing ideas that can improve how you feel and how you look. Learn how to incorporate these ideas in to your life and the steps you need to take to achieve true health.

7 Foods, 7 Days, 7 Pounds: Why 7 Foods Are Making You Fat!

If you have struggled with your weight, have tried every diet out there, exercises and eat healthy and still can’t lose weight to keep it off, this lecture is for you. It will change the way you EAT!

Stress Less for a Healthy Heart

Stress is also know as the “silent killer” and is the number one trigger for heart attacks, which kill more Americans each year than any other disease. Learn how to stress less to lower your chances of a heart attack and heart disease in this life saving session. Sure, it’s a serious topic, but we don’t forget to add some fun and excitement, including a raffle for a free one-hour massage to help with stress and increase employee morale.

Burn Baby Burn: Lose Fat and Get Fit

Another favorite, this workshop teaches you how to increase your metabolism and your fat burning potential. You’ll also learn how to keep your body revved up by eating fat-busting foods to lose weight and get fit the natural, easy way.

Lose the Headaches WITHOUT the Drugs

Dr. Kramer is a headache specialist. He can teach you how to prevent 90 percent of your headaches, without the wear and tear on your body that comes from using prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Think about this: in a year’s time, just one headache each month adds up annually to nearly two weeks of coping with unnecessary pain. This session helps you “decode” your headaches, classify them and shares home remedies that work!

Vegan, Vegetarian or Just Vege’ Lovin’ For Carnivores: How to Start Living Vegan

Why is living vegan becoming so popular? Is it safe? Healthy? can you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need? Does vegan food taste gross? What will you EAT? Learn lessons from Dr Kramer, a man who lived the vegan life for 6 months – but was raised an Iowa farm boy- you, too, will see that carnivores can be vegan!

Acupuncture: Let’s Get to the Point

Acupuncture? …with needles? A branch of traditional Chinese medicine and the oldest continually practiced healing system in the world is still alive today at Senara. Learn how balancing the body’s energy system spromotes health and healing, gain a better understanding of how the needles feel and work, and hey, let’s get to the point and consider it an accessible and effective module of healing for you.

Get Clean to Get Lean- How Toxins Make You Fat

Dr Kramer will teach you why you need to detoxify your body and how to do it safely. Lose inches and gain energy with Senara’s Detox Plan!