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Healthy, Fresh, Easy. Preparing healthy, homemade food is easier than you think. Join Senara staff in the kitchen and learn simple, yet delicious, recipes that will help you to meet your health goals. Every menu meets Senara’s detoxification goals of being free of the 7 major food allergens: gluten, dairy, soy, corn, peanut, refined sugar, egg, and shellfish.
This class is great for anyone who wants to eat healthier or who struggles with food sensitivities and allergies. And a Senara staff member will join each class to answer your questions about nutrition and wellness. Share a meal with us, we can’t wait to taste what you’re cooking!
6:30 PM
Limit 6 students per class
$40 per person
Call 309.693.9600 to register
Prepayment Required, non-refundable. 48 Hour Cancellation Policy.

Current Menu Options

Menu #1:
Main – Chicken and sun dried tomato burgers with caramelized onions and arugula
Side – Baked quinoa with kale, chickpeas and marinated artichoke hearts
Dessert – Berry trifle
Menu #2:
Main – Maple bourbon salmon
Side – Sweet potato frites and shaved zucchini salad
Dessert – Coconut chocolate chip ice cream
Menu #3:
Main – Coconut curry chicken meatballs
Side – Spiced brown rice
Dessert – Banana ice cream
Menu #4:
Main – Lemon and spinach stuffed chicken
Side – Soy free vegetable full fried rice
dessert – Sun butter truffles
*Class dates may alter by a week before or after a national holiday.