Clinical Nutrition

Address chronic health problems through nutrition rebalancing. Senara’s doctors are experts at identifying areas of nutrition deficiency and toxicity that are often the root cause of health concerns. Your doctor will analyze your body function, family and medical history, and lifestyle and use focused laboratory testing. With this information, your doctor will recommend a plan specifically for you, including any supplementation or dietary changes that will improve your health, relieve ailments and help prevent disease.

Wellness Assessments

Get ready to get serious about your health. Your wellness assessment includes tests that let you know your body fat percentage and lean muscle amount. The results identify your Basal Metabolic Rate, or BMR, which is the minimum number of calories you can consume each day, and still lose weight. This is vital information for you, because if you don’t know it, your diet could be burning off muscle instead of fat, and that’s not good.

Nutrition Counseling

Maximize your diet. Senara’s nutrition counselors are certified in developing structured nutrition plans that also result in optimal health and accelerated healing. Their detailed plans, personal attention and encouragement give you the guidance you need to feel your best. Plans include healthy food choice recommendations, as well as any vitamins, minerals and supplements you should be taking.

Weight Loss

Get the tools you need for weight loss success. If you want or need to lose weight, you should know that over 95 percent of all diets fail, and the problem isn’t the diet. The reason they fail is a lack of guidance during the diet and after losing weight. At Senara, you can find the guidance you need for successful weight loss.

Detoxification Programs

Eliminate toxic build-up for improved vitality. Every day, our world bombards us with harmful chemicals, and toxins in our food, homes and the environment, and they can definitely impact our health. Many common and chronic ailments can be attributed to the difficulty our body has processing and eliminating all of the contaminants we encounter.
At Senara, our detoxification programs work to naturally, and gently, help your body eliminate built-up toxins. We offer a variety of detoxification options, including our energy balancing Detox Foot Baths, nutritional cleanses and spa services. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel once you’re free of impurities.