You’ll receive a friendly greeting when you arrive to check-in at the front desk, and throughout your visit, our entire staff will dote on you, making sure you’re completely comfortable. They’ll offer you a refreshment to enjoy while you fill-out any required forms.
When you’re done with the paperwork, you’ll be escorted by our spa concierge to the well-appointed locker room. (There are separate rooms for women and men.) Our concierge will assign you a locker for storing any personal items, and present you with a plush, fresh white Senara Spa robe and comfy slippers. You’ll then join other guests in our calming, delightfully decorated relaxation area. This soothing first stop helps you start to unwind and sets the mood for your Senara Experience.
When your scheduled service is set to begin, your Senara technician will arrive to escort you to the appropriate treatment room. From there, relax, relax, relax, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your Senara Experience, and all the pampering and attention your body, mind and spirit needs.