1. Winter Health: Exercise & Your Immune System

    Do you know that euphoria feeling you get when you finish a workout? That feeling comes from the flood of endorphins that were released during your workout. Those endorphins help you feel less pain and can produce feelings of happiness. But beyond that, those endorphins work to reduce stress, improv…Read More

  2. Common Signs Of Low-T And How To Help

    When you feel sluggish and have low energy all day, it’s easy to blame a night of poor sleep. And sure, that happens to all of us once in a while. But when that happens day after day, the sleepless nights and low energy can be a signal that something is going wrong within the body.   Testosterone…Read More

  3. Helping Your Child’s ADHD Naturally

    Every parent has had that moment where the noise and the chaos causes tunnel vision — all you can see are the toys strewn about, all you can hear is a high-pitched yell, and all you can see is your child standing in the middle of it all. While we sincerely hope this isn’t the norm, but take comf…Read More

  4. Fighting Fibromyalgia: Taking A Whole-Body Approach

    From chronic pain to unending fatigue, the symptoms of fibromyalgia are particularly frustrating for those who suffer. Not only can it be difficult to carry on normal daily tasks when you suffer from fibromyalgia, but it can also be disheartening to hear from your doctor that there is no real cure o…Read More

  5. Health Benefits of Enjoying Coffee (And Other Ways Foods Affect Your Health)

    Are you one of the millions of Americans that just can’t quite get started in the morning without a cup or two of coffee? Maybe it’s that delicious aroma that helps perk you up, maybe it’s the first scalding sip hitting your tongue, or maybe it’s the caffeine rush that hits 10 minutes after …Read More

  6. Managing Anxiety Naturally: Add These Methods To Your Routine

    Have you ever felt a sensation like an invisible hand was pressing down on your chest, making it feel impossible to breathe? Or maybe it’s more like the adrenaline-rush feeling of tipping back in a chair and reaching the ‘falling backwards’ point, only for hours instead of seconds. Anxiety can…Read More

  7. Hypothyroidism: How Functional Medicine Can Help, Naturally

    When the body is struggling with something, it’s usually pretty good about letting us know. After all, when your body is battling the flu virus, you’ll feel the effects through things like coughing, sneezing, running a fever, aches, chills, and more. But sometimes, your body may not display such…Read More

  8. What To Do When Your Insomnia Won't Go Away

    Have you ever experienced insomnia? Talk about a frustrating feeling! There are few things as awful as feeling exhausted to your very core, but lying in bed, wide awake or tossing and turning all night long. Insomnia can even feel like the more desperately you try to claw your way to sleep, the more…Read More

  9. Try A Detox Diet Safely With These Nutrition Tips

    Have you been feeling run-down? Sluggish? Feel like you’re constantly on the verge of catching a cold? Your body is probably trying to tell you something. If you’ve been feeling less than great, a detoxification diet (or detox diet) could be just the ticket to help you get back to feeling more l…Read More

  10. Minimize Brain Fog With These Natural Methods

    Do you hit a slump every afternoon? It can be a nuisance when you’re trying to work hard but having trouble keeping your eyelids open. This feeling is a common one, often referred to as “brain fog.” Brain fog is not just annoying sleepiness when you should be wide awake, it can also include ot…Read More