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Pain Relief Studio

at Senara in Peoria, IL

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Experience The Muscle Mend at Senara

New at Senara!
The Muscle Mend is your go-to solution for pain relief on-demand! Whether you are sore after an intense workout, or are rehabilitating from an injury, the Mend team at Senara are the experts you need to help you feel your best.

At the direction of Dr. Keith Kramer, our Muscle Menders are specially trained to treat your pain with customized therapies. We help you to strengthen, stretch, and soothe your muscles. Our experts can even help you address conditions that result in chronic pain, like sciatica, headaches, tech neck, or carpal tunnel. 

Best of all? The Muscle Mend is affordable, and doesn't require on-going doctor visits to receive care! After your initial consultation with Dr. Kramer, we put you in the hands of our skilled Menders to relieve your aches and pains! But if you want to meet with Dr. Kramer again, simply ask!

Simple. Affordable. Convenient. The Muscle Mend is your new home for on-demand pain relief care!


Treatments Available

Combine therapeutic treatments (we also refer to them as modalities in the clinical world) to address muscle pain and mobility. Your Mend specialist will select the treatments best suited to your pain relief needs.

  • Manual therapies (massage, trigger point, myofascial release)

  • Stretching (full body, or targeted)

  • Home Exercise plan and review

  • Decompression traction therapy

  • Rehabilitation exercises & Strengthening

  • Core & Stability Work

  • Cupping therapy, Rockblading, Taping

  • Electrical Muscle stim and ultrasound

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Getting Started

Initial Consultation


This appointment is required to establish your medical history and make sure there are no contraindications to treatment. 


25-Minute Mend

1-2 Modalities


50-Minute Mend

3-4 Modalities


The Muscle Mend Therapeutic Modalities

Manual Therapy

This is our most popular modality - you may know it better as "massage therapy." When you receive this Mend treatment, it's all about working out painful knots, spasms, and other muscular adhesions. Your Mend technician will use a variety of massage techniques to ease muscle soreness - trigger point, myofascial release, lymphatic, and regular massage maneuvers. Make no mistake, this treatment is not like a spa massage, it's focused on targeted pain relief!


There is nothing better than a good stretch! Not only does it help prevent injury before and after a workout, it can be used for rehabilitative purposes, too! Your Mend technician will hold each stretch to maximize effectiveness with safety in mind. The Mend stretch is more effective than anything you can do on your own at home and can be done as a full-body stretch or targeted to areas of muscle tension.

Home Exercise PLan & Review

We know you can't always make it in to see us, and some therapies can be done at home, so a personalized exercise plan from your Mend technician is a must for any rehabilitiation or strengthening program! This can be anything from exercises to relieve pain, to proper form for your workouts, or using durable medical equipment focused on pain relief. Foam rolling, dakota traction units for neck and low back curvature, exercise bands... the list goes on!

Decompression Traction Therapy

No surgery. No drugs. Just relief. Over 86% effective at relieving neck and low back pain, decompression traction therapy is another of our most popular treatments! It’s a highly recommended treatment for bulging or herniated discs, as well as for compression in the spine, sciatica, and headaches. Spinal decompression therapy alleviates pressure that builds up on your discs and nerves, allowing the body to naturally heal itself. Because of the highly specialized nature of this treatment, x-rays or an MRI may be required prior to treatment.

Rehabilitation Exercises & Strengthening

Injury recovery requires more than just rest. Rehabilitation and strengthening with our Mend technicians is just what the doctor ordered to get your back in peak condition. We'll help you improve mobility, reduce pain, and increase strength of the injured area to help you recover fast. 

Core & Stability Work

We all know a strong core equals a strong body. Our Muscle Mend team can help you strengthen your core without long workouts or crunches. We have a few tricks up our sleeve to get your core in peak shape! This also improves your stability, so the treatments go hand in hand!

Cupping Therapy, Rock-Blading, Taping

Just like Olympic athletes, we have advanced pain relief therapies like cupping, rock-blading, and kinesio taping. These three muscle mending modalities are the heavy hitters for relieving muscle tension. You'll be amazed by the results!

Electrical Muscle Stim & Ultrasound Therapy

If you need relief from muscle spasms or inflammation, there are no better treatments than E-stim or Ultrasound! In fact, they are our go-to for most acute injuries.

E-Stim uses electrical waves of energy to fatigue muscles, increase bloodflow, and reduce inflammation. More powerful than an at home TENS unit, the E-stim machine is customized to a therapeutic strength and wavelength to ease your muscle pain.

Ultrasound therapy uses acoustic wavelengths to reduce inflammation and pain. It's not like the ultrasound you see at an OB/Gyn's office, we promise!

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