Are your intimate relationships unsatisfactory? You could have low testosterone levels that affect libido. Low T levels are common among men as they get older. The effects they have on intimacy can be devastating for some men. Erectile dysfunction is difficult for men to discuss, so they often avoid treatment for the issue. Senara in Peoria can help by letting you know the effects that Low T can have on intimacy.

Man suffering from erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

The effects of Low T can cause erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is not just the ability to get or retain an erection. This disorder also affects desire for sex, as well as performance and stamina. When problems arise, they generally happen gradually over time. Men may notice the change yet ignore the progression until the problem becomes severe, leading to a lesser quality of life.

Man with low self esteem because of Low T

Quality of Life

Men tend to equate their worth to their sexual ability. When this ability decreases or goes away, men lose faith in themselves and often avoid intimacy as a way to hide their diminished erectile capacity. Low T can also lead to breast growth and weight gain. Both of which can make a man feel low self-worth. When low-self worth enters your life, the effect can wreak havoc on a man’s mood.

Man feeling depressed because of Low T

Changes in Mood

As part of feeling low self-worth and the effects Low T has on serotonin levels, men can become irritable, angry, or even depressed. The lack of serotonin leads to a chemical imbalance in the brain that can cause wild mood swings. A man with lowered testosterone levels can lose interest in things they enjoyed before, including sex.

A couple comforting each other after having intimacy problems

Relationships With Others

Low T can negatively affect quality relationships with partners. Most men report that they feel a strong attraction to their partners, but the physical ability to initiate sex is no longer possible. Men and their partners tend to blame themselves for the problems in the relationship. This self-blame is why communication and affection need to remain the focus for a couple.

Low testosterone levels don’t have to have devastating effects on your life. You should discuss your suspected Low T issues with your doctor, as the use of bioidentical hormones may help you recover from low libido and erectile dysfunction. Senara’s functional health vision looks at the whole system to resolve Low T at a base level. Call our offices today to request an appointment with a physician.