Clean It

You don’t get better quality Green cleaning products than Shaklee. We also like Seventh Generation products. And for those of you looking for the ultimate Green cleaning, we have a list of make-at-home recipes for all your cleaning needs.

Recycle It

The City of Peoria website has links on how to recycle everything. For curbside recycling at home, Peoria residents pay a one-time deposit of $50 and the monthly pick-up is free.  And if you live in an apartment or location where you can’t get curbside recycling, not to worry, there are drop off centers throughout the city.

Donate It

When you’ve got good “stuff” you want to get rid of, don’t just throw it in the trash. Take it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army or another charitable organization so they can profit from your donated goods.

Consign It

Why throw useable items to the landfill when you can cash-in on them at a consignment shop? The Peoria area has a variety of consignment stores you can visit! The Attic specializes in consigning household items, such as furniture and house wares.

Ride It

You can Share the Ride on a bus to save gas and cut down on pollution.