Scroll through the names below to find out what motivated Senara’s doctors and our leaders to follow their calling to help others in their quest for optimal health and well-being. You’ll also read about their education and experience, and get to know them a little better on a personal level as you work with them in our wellness center. They’ve all got a story to tell that we think you’ll find interesting.

Kieth_02Dr. Keith Kramer

Dr. Keith Kramer grew up on his family’s farm in Iowa. He learned early on that business success takes a lot of hard work, when at the tender age of four he started helping with the chores. Throughout his youth, he rose before dawn each day and took hard work seriously, and today he remains an early riser and tenacious in getting things done.
He also credits his independent spirit to growing up on the farm. He thrived on being held personally accountable for finishing his chores. It also made him understand how fulfilling owning a family business can be, so it was only a matter of time, education and a clear purpose before he set out on his own.

While attending Iowa State University, where he met his wife, Penny, Dr. Kramer saw firsthand how chiropractic care helped people to feel better. With that, he had discovered his career path and continued on to Palmer College of Chiropractic, earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Following his graduation, the Kramers moved to Peoria after Dr. Kramer received an offer to join a highly respected chiropractic group here. In 2002, he left the group to open his own practice, Kramer Chiropractic (Penny also joined him in the family business).

While growing the practice, Dr. Kramer continued to focus on what he could do to help others Live Life Well. He kept learning everything he could about the healing power of holistic and natural medicines and techniques, which led to adding health and healing guest services, from acupuncture and massage therapies to nutritional counseling and physical therapy. That meant further growth, including added staff and the need to build the spacious Senara facility in 2011, which is when the business transitioned from operating under the Kramer name to Senara.

Dr. Kramer is as passionate about living a healthy lifestyle as he is about spreading the message of how to Live Life Well to others. “Working out is my meditation, and eating right fuels my body, and I feel great,” he said. “I want that for everyone. That’s why it is so fulfilling for me to see that what we do at Senara makes a difference in the quality of our guests’ lives.”

Dr. Kramer is Certified in Functional Medicine through the Functional Medicine University. For over 12 years, he has been practicing functional medicine in the realm of adrenal stress, hormone balance, and food sensitivities. He is currently enrolled simultaneously in the prestigious Institute for Functional Medicine programs for: functional medicine, A4M antiaging, and AARM restorative medicine. These programs will deepen his knowledge in the production and utilization of hormones, toxin diagnosis and treatment, and how this affects both biochemistry and physiology. To date, Dr Kramer has completed over 1000 of study, training, and case study as part of his certification at Functional Medicine University and Institute for Functional Medicine.

In 2015, Dr Kramer expanded Senara’s health and healing services further with the addition of a dedicated Center for Functional Medicine, Weight Loss, and Anti-Aging treatments, Senara Medical Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Center.

The Kramers’ daughter, Grace, was born in 2002. The family spends their spare time together working out, reading and traveling. Dr. Kramer likes to golf, and he and Grace also enjoy learning to play guitar together.

Penny_06Penny Kramer

Senara co-founder and CEO, Penny Kramer, is filled with energy that never stops. She also has an innate curiosity to learn new things and a strong will to take on tough challenges. The tougher the challenge, the more Penny thrives.

Penny brings every ounce of her endless energy and enthusiasm, and her extraordinary multi-tasking skills to her role as CEO of Senara. “Keith’s job is to take care of our guests’ health,” said Penny. “To focus on that, he needs to know that everything else is taken care of – and that’s my job.” Penny’s strengths are people and systems. She sees all the pieces of the puzzle, and then puts them together. That means she’s in charge of everything from human resources and training to marketing and the technology Senara uses.

She also understands how important it is to get out from behind the desk, and Penny can be seen literally everywhere at Senara. She especially enjoys greeting guests to make them feel at home, just as she did when the first Kramer Chiropractic office opened in 2002. Back then, when she joined Dr. Kramer in the family business, Penny said goodbye to a promising marketing career without any regrets.

“I’m here because I share Keith’s passion for spreading the message about how to live a healthy lifestyle,” said Penny, who also had primary responsibility for overseeing the Senara building’s construction. “It means so much to us both – knowing that what we do can make a difference in the quality of someone’s life. And that’s really why we built Senara. It gives us the space and the ideal environment to offer different services that help our guests “Live Life Well.”
The Kramers met at Iowa State University, their alma mater, and they married in 1995. After Dr. Kramer graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, the couple moved to embrace Peoria as their new home.

Their daughter, Grace, has been the center and light in their life since her birth in 2002. The Kramer family spends their spare time together and enjoys working out, reading and traveling. Penny and Grace also love to bake, do art projects and decorate together. In addition, Penny offers her time and expertise to several professional organizations, including holding various leadership positions with the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and Central Illinois Tee It Up For the Troops.

david-deanDr. David Dean

Doctor David Dean grew up in Central Illinois and spent much of his adult life in California, before returning to IL to pursue a career in medicine. He Graduated Magna Cum Laud from Bradley University with a degree in molecular cell biology, then attended SIU School of Medicine in Springfield where he graduated in 2008.

After completing medical school, he completed a three year residency in emergency and trauma medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha Nebraska. Following his residency, he worked as a board certified emergency department attending physician, taking care of and treating critical patients. He also specialized in post residency training in aesthetic medicine with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and is certified in aesthetic medicine as well as  board certified in  emergency medicine.

Dr. Dean  belongs to the American Medical Association, the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Peoria Medical Society. He is also certified in advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support and Advanced trauma life support. He is credentialed and has staff privileges at both Methodist Hospital in Peoria and Cottage Hospital in Galesburg IL.

Dr. Dean chose to join the Senara team because he saw first hand how effective the treatment and services they provide are and was impressed that it was done in such a professional yet comfortable and inviting environment.  He believes in the complete well being of patients from the inside out defining health by terms, that health means much more than just the absence of symptoms or disease.

Dr. Dean and his wife Jozette have 3 active young girls.  In his spare time he enjoys spending time with family, working out, going on family bike rides and traveling as often as possible… anywhere and everywhere!

Laura Murphy, MSN, APN, FNP-C

It was a book report in second grade that solidified Laura Murphy’s dream of becoming a nurse. Since that young age, Laura has held on to that book report; saved as a memento of living her life’s dream. Laura is a Central Illinois native, born in Peoria, and living in Morton for the majority of her life. Her childhood summer’s spent traveling, and camping.

In 1997, Laura graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing (RN, BSN) from Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing. She went on to work as a nurse at OSF St Francis Medical Center, specializing in Cardiology. After 18 years in hospital, she decided she wanted to do more with her career, focusing on preventative care.

In 2010, Laura completed her MSN and began to focus on teaching. Soon after, she realized she missed taking care of patients, and returned to school. She received the Master of Science in Nursing for Family Nurse Practitioner from Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing in Peoria, Illinois in May 2014. Since completing training, graduation, and successfully passed the board certified exam, Laura has become a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C).

Laura enjoys practicing physical and functional medicine, as well as medical aesthetics. Prior to her arrival at Senara she spent several years practicing both physical and functional medicine and medical weight loss.

“I want everyone to be healthy and be able to function at their 100% potential,” she says. “I drove by Senara one day and said what an amazing place; I would love to work there. I knew that I did not to work at a traditional medical office and wanted to focus on promotion of health and prevention of illness, so everyone can be healthy from the inside out. This is Senara’s primary focus and mission- “Live life well” as is mine.”

Laura is a member of several professional organizations including the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and Illinois Society of Advance Practice Nurses. She is certified in Advance Cardiac Life support.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family- husband Shane, two daughters Natalie and Isabelle, step son Braden, and labradoodle Charlie.  Shane has worked for the Village of Peoria Heights/ Peoria Heights Police department for the past 20+ years as is the Communications Supervisor. Their children are active in the Morton marching bands and volley ball. Laura is also fond of traveling, cooking, and DIY projects.

Megan Schmidt, APN, CFNP

For Megan Schmidt, being a Nurse Practitioner is all about connecting with and listening to her patients. She believes everyone deserves kindness and compassion, and she does her part to make the world a little kinder in her work and day to day life. As a Nurse Practitioner she fulfills that objective by treating her patients with an open ear and open heart to give them the best care possible.

A native of nearby Eureka, IL, Megan began her career as a CNA at a local nursing home. She loved the challenge of the field, working with patients, and studying biology and anatomy; this drove her to pursue her nursing career further. She received her BSN from Bradley University, in Peoria, IL, and completed her MSN, FNP-C degree as Mennonite College of Nursing, at Illinois State University.

Before coming to Senara, Megan worked as a Nurse Practitioner in an urgent care setting. She was looking to connect with her patients in a more meaningful way, and Senara’s care culture was a perfect fit. The Live. Life. Well. mantra at Senara fits in with her personal philosophy of enjoying life and how important it is to reward ourselves once in a while.

When not treating patients, Megan keeps active with her husband, three boys, and 2 dogs. They love to travel and spend time in warm places, relaxing and scuba diving, whenever possible. She is also a talented singer, and can be seen lending her voice in worship services at her church from time to time.

Tina Lisowski, MSN, FNP-BC

“Live a life you love.” That’s the personal mantra of Christina (Tina) Lisowski, MSN, FNP-BC. And for her, it’s what drives her as a nurse practitioner to help people do that every day through their healthcare. Growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago, Tina was always active. From gymnanstics and cheerleading, to diving, and competitive tumbling, she was always involved in athletics of some sort.

Her love for exercise and her experience with athletic trainers helping her recover after an ACL injury led her to earning her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Exercise Science from Illinois State University. As she finished her undergraduate work, she realized she wanted to go further in helping people and provide care at a deeper level. With this in mind, and at the encouragement of her friends and family, she decided to become a nurse, and continued her studies in the nursing program at Illinois State University, Mennonite College of Nursing all the way through earning her Nurse Practitioner designations.

After earning her BSN degree, Tina worked in the Pediatric ICU at OSF Children’s Hospital, which was very rewarding for her. It was her discovery of Functional Medicine, however, that ultimately led to her pursuing her Nurse Practitioner designation. She realized that through the practice of Functional Medicine, she could combine both her nursing and Exercise Science degrees to truly help people live their best lives.

Upon completion of her Nurse Practitioner License, Tina joined a practice in Bloomington that provided both Functional Medicine and Cosmetic Aesthetic treatments. With that experience, Tina was drawn to Senara, where she could further her skills in both areas. For Tina, she loves “seeing the satisfaction on people’s faces when we help improve their lives. When we give them something they may not have known was possible.” Being able to focus on prevention and promotion of health with patient’s is something that she looks forward to doing with all of her patients at Senara.

Tina keeps active in her free time with her daughter, Lillian, who she describes as her “mini me and bestie.” She also has a cat named Luna, and travels to visit her extended family in Chicagoland often. Always the athlete, Tina now participates in competitive Body Building, and is a personal trainer, doing strength coaching and nutrition for people. Her other hobby is planning Disney vacations for not only herself and Lillian, but her friends, too.