Why are there so many tests?

Functional Medicine views the patient as a whole- physically, chemically, and emotionally. By gathering information from all of these areas, your Functional Medicine practitioner can see a complete picture of your health status. They then use that information to pinpoint the root cause of any ailments you are experiencing. Your practitioner can then tailor your treatment protocol accordingly, leading to better outcomes for you.

Can I have all of my tests done at Senara?

We offer diagnostic testing on-site for a number of the basic labs we use for both the Medical Weight Loss and Anti-Aging treatments. Some specialty testing can only be done at local laboratories. In some cases, testing will be done via a collection sample at home. Please note, a few tests will require fasting for a set period of time prior to administration.

Can a Senara Doctor be my primary care physician?

Unfortunately, no. Your functional medicine practitioner does not offer acute care services. Rather, our goal is to focus on your long-term health and goals through preventative services, and nutritional and functional medicine approaches. We will gladly confer with your primary care physican or other specialists if required, though.

What are your fees?

  • Initial Functional Medicine Consultation:  $450.00
  • Follow-up Functional Medicine visits/consults:  $250.00
  • Initial Anti-Aging Testing/Treatment Consultation: $280
  • Follow-up Anti-Aging Testing/Treatment Consultation: $180
  • Initial Nutrition Consult:  $125.00
  • Follow-up Nutrition Consult:  $80.00

Labs:  Some basic Laboratory tests may be covered by your insurance plan.

We will provide, (to the best of our ability) accurate information and estimates regarding costs for labs. However, please be advised that Advanced and Specialty labs may not be covered by insurance. You will be given the fees for all labs prior to ordering. Lab costs can range from $200-$5,000. All labs are suggested in order of priority and severity of condition.

For more information about our fees, please read our Office Policies.

Do you accept insurance?

Senara Medical Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Center accepts a wide range of insurance plans. Some basic laboratory tests are covered by many insurance plans, and we will gladly bill your insurance for reimbursement for those tests, if coverage is available. However, Medical Weight Loss and Functional Medicine services, including consultations, therapies, and and follow-up appointments are not covered by insurance. As such, we do not bill your insurance for these services. We offer competitive pricing and payment options. Click here, to read our Office Policies to learn more.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.  These products and services are intended to support, not replace, your current medical care. Individual result may vary.