If you start feeling tingling or pain in your forearm, carpal tunnel is a pretty logical expectation. Or, if you feel pain in your thigh and knee, odds are good your first instinct is to check for swelling or other signs of a knee injury. When we experience pain in our limbs, most of us don’t think to check for back problems — which is an oversight, because back injuries can be the underlying cause for pain you may feel throughout different parts of your body. At first glance, that doesn’t sound right, does it? But it’s more common than you might expect. Back injuries can often cause pain that extends throughout the body, even to feet or hands. Here’s why it works that way:

Back Injuries and Pain Sensations

It might have been a while, but think back to your high school biology class and the various systems that make up the inner workings of the human body. Do you remember how extensively your nervous system extends throughout your body? That’s the underlying reason it’s possible to have a back injury and feel pain elsewhere in your body. Your nervous system starts at your spine and extends throughout your body. It’s how your brain is able to perceive sensations like hot and cold, but all of those nerve endings are also how your body feels pain. And, because your nervous system runs throughout the inside of your body, not just along your skin, that’s also how your body feels the effects of any other internal injuries you might have.

How Pain Travels

The nervous system, as a whole, is how you feel physical sensations and process them as things like cold, soft, scratchy, or painful. But, as occasionally happens, sometimes things go wrong and those signals get a bit confused. A bulging disc or a pinched nerve may mean a physical injury or issue in your back, but because of how the nervous system works, those signals can actually travel and your brain can read that as pain originating elsewhere in your body. For example, sciatica is a form of pain that occurs when the sciatic nerve is pinched or compressed. The sciatic nerve starts in your low back and runs down to your foot in each leg. So, if something happens to affect the sciatic nerve, you may feel pain in your low back, but it’s just as possible that the pain will manifest as pain or tingling that extends down your legs. There are also nerve systems that start in your upper back and shoulders and extend down your arms. So poor posture can result in neck or back pain, as seems logical, but it can also cause sensations of pain that extend down your arms.

Treatment With A Back Pain Specialist

Pain is often the last symptom of an injury, no matter where in your body that pain is occurring. Medication simply serves to mask the pain and does not treat the injury itself, so it’s important to get checked by a professional. Chiropractors are nervous system, spine, and joint specialists so they can help you get to the root cause of the pain you’re experiencing. More specifically, spinal compression and misalignment are common causes of back pain that can radiate into your extremities. A chiropractor is, as a result of their training and experience, a natural back pain specialist. Chiropractic care is designed to seek out the root cause of your pain, fix misalignment, and otherwise release compression on pinched nerves to stop them from sending signals of pain throughout your body.
Primary amongst chiropractic treatments are spinal decompression therapy and chiropractic adjustments. Decompression works to relieve pressure on the discs between each bone in your spine and the nerves that can get pinched during compression. Adjustments can provide additional alignment and restore a better range of motion, which can also help reduce compression on nerves.  

Back Pain Treatment, Naturally

One of the preeminent features of chiropractic care is that it’s natural and non-invasive. Chiropractic treatments are designed to provide pain relief and healing by treating the root cause of your pain. If you’re looking for a back pain specialist or even just help with your posture, it’s time to visit your local Peoria chiropractor. Contact Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa today to schedule your consultation.