A Membership Plan For Affordable and Convenient Chiropractic and Wellness Services In Peoria

Join the Chiro Club at Senara!

  • No enrollment fees
  • Affordable & straightforward pricing
  • More treatment options

Get the CHIROPRACTIC and MUSCLE MEND care that you and your family need for less than a traditional copay!** If you do not have insurance coverage for chiropractic and physical therapy OR want to avoid using your insurance because of high deductibles, Senara’s Chiro Club is the perfect alternative so you can receive cost-effective treatment.

Chiro Club Membership Options

Monthly Wellness Plan* – Best Value!

Receive up to 4 adjustments per month

Lowest cost per visit, ideal for guests who want affordable wellness care!



Extra visits just $30 each

Cost per visit = $20

66% savings vs. regular price

One year membership required, paid in advance ($960 due at enrollment)**.

Adjustment Packages*

Prepay for visits at a fixed price. No expiration date!

6 Visits $216

Cost per visit = $36

40% savings vs. regular price

12 Visits $396

Cost per visit = $33

45% savings vs. regular price

24 Visits $600

Cost per visit = $25

58% savings vs. regular price

The Muscle Mend*

Combine therapeutic treatments to address muscle pain and mobility. Treatment combinations chosen by our skilled therapy team to address your pain. Initial consultation (fee is $35) is required to review medical history.


(1-2 modalities)


· Manual therapies (massage, trigger point, myofascial release)

· Stretching (full body, or targeted)

· Home Exercise plan and review

· Decompression traction therapy

· Rehabilitation exercises & Strengthening

· Core & Stability Work

· Cupping therapy, Rockblading, Taping

· Electrical Muscle stim and ultrasound


(3+ modalities)


Additional Health Services*

Straightforward pricing for all your care needs.

New Patients $85 Includes: Consultation, exam, first set of xrays, and detailed follow-up report
Adjustments $60 Pay as you go, no prepayment required!
Kids $25/visit For kids age 12 and under (when accompanied by an adult appointment)
Exams $65 Required every 6 months or new injury (doctor discretion)
X-rays $65 Yearly or new injury (doctor discretion)
Acupuncture $65-110 Treatment for infertility, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues and other conditions not typically coverage by insurance
Food Sensitivity Testing $299 Includes bloodwork, consultation, and care recommendations
Labs Varies Save on fees for bloodwork to address complex health issues with our functional medicine services

*Refunds are only given based on $60/visit rate if not completely used. All refund requests must be submitted in writing and are subject to the discretion of Senara’s Office Manager.

**Based on a $40 specialist copay rate. Insurance copay rates can vary widely and club pricing may be higher or lower than your individual plan rates.