Colic is every new parents’ worst nightmare.  Having a baby is supposed to be a beautiful, joyous experience, but when that baby cries inconsolably for hours, days, weeks on end… it is anything but.  The exact cause of colic is unknown.  Some physicians speculate that it could be caused by birth trauma, gas/ abdominal pain, growth and development of the GI system, over-sensitivity of the nervous system, underlying illness, or even the household family dynamic.

Colic Defined

All infants cry. But, for the crying to truly be classified as colic it must follow the rule of threes:  Three hours of crying, for at least three days a week, for a duration of at least three weeks.  The crying spells are characterized by a loud piercing cry, tense abdomen, flexed legs, and clinched fingers.  Although uncertain about whether the gastrointestinal system plays a role in colic, pediatricians usually address it as a GI problem.  Dicyclomine hydrochloride for gas, low allergen diets for breast feeding moms, and probiotic containing Lactobacillus reuteri, have all been used without much success.

Chiropractic for Colic Relief

Studies have shown chiropractic care for the treatment of colic to be very effective, especially for infants that have not responded to other treatments.  One recent study found that 94% of parents saw an improvement in colic symptoms within two weeks of starting chiropractic care (2), another found that 91% of babies had a reduction in symptoms after as few as two chiropractic adjustments (3).  Some infants experience complete resolution of symptoms within a few treatments (1).
How does chiropractic care help? It all comes down to improving spinal alignment.
Birth can be a taxing event for mom and baby.  The infant experiences extreme physical stress as he/she enters the world.  During the birthing process, vertebrae can become misaligned and fascia can be disrupted, this is called a subluxation.   Subluxation puts stress on the nervous system which leads to dysfunction and discomfort/pain in the body.  The chances of this happening are greater if the delivery was traumatic.  For example, prolonged pushing, forceps or vacuum extraction, or a cesarean section (3).

Chiropractic Care for Baby

Chiropractors are experts at finding and correcting subluxations, and the chiropractic team here at Senara have specialized training in treating infants and pregnant moms.  Gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments will decrease interference in the baby’s nervous system, restoring normal function and decreasing discomfort and crying.
Contact the Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa team to learn more about chiropractic care for your baby and children in Peoria. Schedule a consultation and see how our chiropractor team can help your baby stay happy and healthy for life.


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