Pregnancy is one of the greatest miracles that can happen to you, but some days it really doesn’t feel like it. There are myriad changes that happen to the body throughout pregnancy — and some of them can be pretty uncomfortable. But, where many of us would turn to painkillers or other medical treatments, many of those treatment options aren’t available or advisable when pregnant. In order to find the pain relief and healing your body needs without affecting your baby, many pregnant women will turn to natural treatment methods.

Pain Relief, Naturally

Our society offers a huge variety of different natural treatments and remedies. Of course, it can be difficult to discern which options are safe and healthy for you and the baby — especially with the number of ‘natural’ treatments that aren’t vetted by the Food and Drug Administration or another government safety entity. It’s important to do your due diligence to find pain relief and healing options that are safe for you and your baby throughout pregnancy. It’s also a good idea to speak with your primary care physician before taking unknown medicines or undergoing new treatments. The good news is that there are options out there to help provide relief naturally for the aches and discomfort that occur during pregnancy.

Chiropractic Care

One of the better options for natural pain relief during pregnancy is a visit to your local chiropractor. Yes, chiropractic adjustments are generally safe and beneficial throughout pregnancy. Of course, it’s a good idea to consult your primary care doctor before treatment for advice specifically geared toward your health and wellbeing. You can also arrange for a consultation with a chiropractor to learn more about the treatments they’ll provide. As a whole, chiropractic care is non-invasive and safe throughout pregnancy, so it can be a great option to help ease some of the discomfort that comes as your baby grows.

Treating The Cause, Not The Symptoms

During pregnancy, your body is shifting and adjusting a lot to accommodate your growing baby. As your body makes those accommodating adjustments, it’s common for joints to become misaligned. This is particularly true for the spine, since it provides so much support for the growing weight of your baby. Fortunately, chiropractors are back pain specialists, which means your local chiropractic team will have a variety of natural back pain treatment options in their arsenal to help your pregnancy aches.
Chiropractic care focuses on finding the root cause of pain and treating it, not just providing palliatives that soothe your pain for a short time. Specifically, chiropractic care focuses on spine, joint, and nervous system health. During pregnancy, a great deal of additional weight is put on your spine to support your growing baby. It’s common for your spine to shift and curve more to provide the support your changing needs. As you can imagine, spinal shifts can also affect your posture, which can cause neck and shoulder pain as well as back pain. Then, on top of all the spinal pressure, pregnancy also causes shifts in your pelvic bones, which can cause further back pain — pain that can radiate down your legs, thanks to your sciatic nerves.

Chiropractic Treatment During Pregnancy

Since chiropractors focus on spinal, joint, and nervous system health, they can often provide more enduring relief for pregnancy pain. When your spine is misaligned or compressed, it can put added pressure on your nervous system, which is why you feel a consistent ache or intermittent pain. Joint misalignment can also put added pressure on the supporting soft tissue, which can strain muscles, ligaments, and tendons.
Chiropractors have extensive training in spine and joint health, and many receive additional training that focuses specifically on providing care for pregnant women. Fortunately, chiropractic adjustments can be done gently and do not require you to lie face-down on a table — though some chiropractors will have a special adjustable table. Adjustments can be done from a seated or standing position and provide just as many benefits. Chiropractic care can also help reduce stress on the pelvic area and support a healthier pregnancy and delivery.

Natural Help Throughout Pregnancy

If you’re feeling the aches of pregnancy, experience natural relief and help your body adjust to the changes you are undergoing. Contact the Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa team to learn more about pregnancy chiropractic care in Peoria. Schedule a consultation and see how our chiropractor team can help you throughout your pregnancy and after delivery.