A majority of chiropractic care revolve around treating back and neck pain. And yes, it can be a great non-invasive, natural back pain treatment. But did you know that chiropractors can help with so much more than that? It’s true! Chiropractic techniques can provide pain relief for sciatica or soothe pregnancy pains, and, better yet, chiropractic care treats the causes of pain, not simply the symptoms. Because chiropractic care focuses on the spine, joint function, and the nervous system, treatments can provide more benefits for your body than just pain relief. Here are a few of the most common things chiropractors can do to help you:

Non-Invasive Healing

First and foremost, our healing services at Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa are designed to provide pain relief and non-invasive healing, first and foremost. To do this, our care will be customized specifically for your needs. Options like decompression traction therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, and extremity adjustments can help get your body back into proper alignment, relieve muscle tension contributing to your pain, and relieve pressure on the discs and nerves of your spine — without surgery or medication.

Preventative Care

When bones or joints become misaligned, it’s possible you may not even notice it, at least initially. A wide range of different things, especially repetitive actions done as part of athletic training or work, can cause joints to work their way out of alignment over time. There may not be a single moment of impact; instead, it can be pain that starts small and grows over time. Pain is often the last symptom of injury. Because chiropractors focus on full-body wellbeing, chiropractic treatment is an excellent option for preventative care. Each chiropractic visit will focus on joint and spine health, so we can often catch alignment issues and joint dysfunction before you even feel any pain. From there, we can help realign those problem areas and offer exercises and stretches to help strengthen the area further. Doing so can prevent a wide range of other injuries from occurring.

(Seemingly) Unconnected Conditions

Your nervous system is deeply integral in helping your body function as it should. When your spine becomes misaligned, even slightly, it can affect your nervous system, which can have wide-reaching effects throughout your body. Fortunately, this also means that treating your spine and nervous system can help heal issues that don’t seem related. Chiropractic treatments can help ease recurring migraines, soothe gastrointestinal issues, and can even help with fertility issues. Because the body is one complex interconnected system, spinal decompression or alignment treatments can help your body heal, which can provide relief and manage symptoms for everything from allergies to acid reflux, and a huge variety of things in between. If you’re curious whether a chiropractor can help, call your local Peoria chiropractic team at Senara for more detailed answers.

Chronic Condition Care

Do you have to take ‘round-the-clock medications or other measures to manage chronic pain? For those with ongoing health issues like fibromyalgia, all the measures necessary to help you live a low-pain life can get in the way of doing all the things you want to do. Chiropractic adjustments can go a long way toward easing the symptoms of chronic pain-inducing conditions like fibromyalgia and even arthritis so you can get back to enjoying your life.

Athletic Care & Sports Rehabilitation

If you keep up with just about any sport, you’ve probably seen a chiropractor or two working with the athletes. Because we focus on joint health just as much as we do the nervous system, chiropractors are some of the best movement specialists you can work with. If you’re looking for ways to improve your athletic performance, the answer may be in chiropractic treatments! Not only can a chiropractor help sports injuries heal, but we can also provide adjustments and techniques to improve balance and coordination, realign the body, and keep your joints functioning as they should. Doing so will allow your body to function better and often helps boost athletic performance overall!

Whole Body Care

Chiropractors don’t just focus on the area in pain, we focus on the whole body and how well it’s functioning as a complex but cohesive system. Each treatment will be individualized based on what your body needs to relieve pain and help promote healing. And, at Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa, we combine our chiropractic care with physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and other treatments to provide an even more well-rounded level of care. Contact us to schedule your consultation in Peoria and learn all that our chiropractor team can do for you!