Every parent has had that moment where the noise and the chaos causes tunnel vision — all you can see are the toys strewn about, all you can hear is a high-pitched yell, and all you can see is your child standing in the middle of it all.

While we sincerely hope this isn’t the norm, but take comfort in the fact that scenarios like this happen to every parent. Noise and mess are all a part of growing up and learning about the world — with a healthy dose of boundless childhood energy, of course. However, the noise and chaos may be signals of something more. ADHD is a common concern with an increasing number of diagnoses among kids ages four to 17. Fortunately, we’ve progressed a lot since the big ADD/ADHD diagnosis boom of the ‘90s. ADHD treatment has come a long way, and doctors no longer rely on just medication. There are plenty of ways to help treat your child’s ADHD naturally.


The Functional Medicine Path

Functional medicine is a subset of medical care that focuses on treating the root of an issue rather than just treating the symptoms. Basically, we treat the body as one interconnected system rather than individual systems or parts. This means using a wide range of modalities and treatment options that range from nutritional counseling to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and so much more. The biggest thing to note is that functional medicine focuses on treating each individual patient’s needs, so treatment plans are tailored rather than single-form.

Here at Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa, our functional medicine team will run diagnostic testing and take the time to get to know each patient’s background. This information helps give us a better idea what’s going on and what the underlying cause(s) may be.


Treating ADHD Naturally

While functional medicine puts the emphasis on treating every person individually, there are some common, natural options to help treat ADHD. This includes:

  • Dietary Changes — It may surprise you to learn that food allergies and food sensitivities can impact ADHD. We suggest both food allergy and food sensitivity testing to see if there are any food items that should be avoided. In addition, diets full of sugar, food coloring, preservatives, and/or processed foods have been found to directly impact ADHD. After testing, we can build a dietary plan around the findings.
  • Vitamins and Supplements — Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies can also play a role in ADHD. Including vitamins and supplements, especially those which support brain health, can help with common symptoms of ADHD like attention issues and memory concerns. A nutrition counselor can suggest both foods and vitamins/supplements to help your child get the right nutrients. Depending on the individual, IV therapy can also provide a custom vitamin infusion.
  • Exercise — Regular opportunities to burn off energy can be a great way for kids with ADD/ADHD to help with symptoms of hyperactivity and anxiety in particular. Options like yoga and tai chi, which emphasize focus, can further help children with ADHD learn to handle the symptoms better.
  • Hormone Help — We all know that puberty has a major impact on hormone levels. However, hormone imbalances can also contribute to a variety of different symptoms at any point, not just during puberty. Our functional medicine team can provide hormone testing and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) as appropriate.
  • Go Green — Time outdoors has also been shown to help improve ADHD symptoms. Getting outdoors can help in particular with attention fatigue after trying to focus all day at school. Consider a nature-focused after-school program or other outdoor activity that your child can take part in regularly.
  • Chiropractic Care — Since chiropractic care is as multi-modal as functional medicine, this is another great, natural option to provide care for your child with ADHD. Research suggests that regular chiropractic care can provide help for ADHD behaviors without reliance on medication.

No single ADHD treatment should be the same, just as ADD and ADHD present with a range of behaviors from one individual to the next. Functional medicine should be the base to any ADHD treatment plan specifically because our focus is on treating the person as a whole, not just on treating symptoms. Plus, because functional medicine focuses largely on natural methods, it can be safely customized for children at any age.


Well-Rounded Care Through Functional Medicine

Here at Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa, we treat each person who comes through our doors as an individual, not a number. This means providing individualized care that we personalize based on your needs. We offer everything from functional medicine to chiropractic care — plus, we provide diagnostic testing in-house. This gives our team the opportunity to collaborate and develop the right care plan for you. Contact our Peoria team today to get started!