Did you have poor skincare habits as a teen? If only we knew then what we know now! Those days of lying out in the sun without a care are showing up with a vengeance in the dark spots and fine lines that weren’t there before. And, let’s face it, some of us weren’t as good as we should have been about treating pimples and leaving them alone. Now? Those little scars may now show up as paler spots on your face while marring your skin’s otherwise smooth texture. Any number of bad habits and environmental effects can take their toll on our skin. No matter the cause, there’s no need to live with scars, discoloration, or other skin struggles. If your usual skincare routine isn’t enough to combat the signs of aging, it’s time to bring out the ‘big guns.’ It’s time to give laser skin rejuvenation a try, and here’s why.

Laser Skin Treatment

When we talk about laser skin rejuvenation or laser skin treatments, we here at Senara are specifically referring to intense pulsed light (IPL) photofacials. While there are other laser facial options out there, we see some awesome benefits from the IPL photofacial across a whole spectrum of different skincare concerns. This includes everything from rosacea and sun spots to large pores and fine lines — all those issues that just keep getting worse as we age. Laser skin treatments provide skin-boosting benefits that go deeper than the surface for better and longer-lasting effects than your night creams and at-home facial care products could provide.

Perk 1: It Can Be Done Anywhere

We often talk about IPL treatments as a laser facial, but that’s a bit of a misnomer. Yes, the treatment is commonly used for facial skin issues, but IPL photofacials can actually be done anywhere on the body. If you have redness along your decollete or wrinkles on your neck, this laser skin treatment can help there too.

Perk 2: It Helps With Acne

One of the cruelest bits of misdirection we hear is that acne is only relegated to the hormonal teenage years. Yet many of us know from personal experience that’s just not true! Acne can keep cropping up well after the teen years have been left behind, and it’s just annoying at 40 as it is at 14. Fortunately, IPL photofacials offer help. This laser facial treatment can help reduce the size of pores while combating the redness and inflammation of acne to help reduce the appearance of acne.

Perk 3: It Minimizes Visible Signs Of Aging

As we age, our skin starts to produce less elasticity-providing collagen, which is why wrinkles start to form. Add in years of sun exposure, environmental effects, and so on, and our skin is where we most often show our age. IPL laser skin rejuvenation encourages the production of collagen while treating skin discolorations to help reverse the visible signs of aging.

Perk 4: It’s Quick

IPL laser skin treatments have the added benefit of being pretty quick, especially compared to other skin treatment options. A session can last roughly 15 to 30 minutes with minimal or no downtime afterward. You’ll want to keep with your regular sunscreen application on the treatment to maximize your results. Too much and unprotected sun exposure after IPL can affect treatment outcome. That being said, you can safely rejuvenate your skin without cutting into your busy life. Get an IPL photofacial treatment on your lunch hour or in between errands, and still be finished in time to go get the kids.

Perk 5: It’s Pretty Painless

Not only can you fit IPL treatments into your busy schedule easily, but you also don’t have to worry about the pain or intense post-procedure redness that you may have experienced with other skin treatments. During an IPL laser facial treatment, you may feel warmth from the device. Some patients have described feeling a small “snapping” sensation similar to a rubber band getting snapped against skin. Your medical spa specialist may apply cooling gel or other options to help relieve that minimal discomfort so you can get right back to your busy life.
Are you ready to get rid of age spots and drive away wrinkles? Banish those and other visible signs of aging with the help of laser skin rejuvenation. Connect with the medical spa team at Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa to schedule your skin consultation and discuss IPL and other laser facial options today.