The skin is impressively malleable and elastic. This is a good thing, as that pliability means your skin will stretch and move with the muscle and bone underneath. In order to maintain that elasticity, thousands upon thousands of skin cells die and slough off to make room for new cells. When you get a paper cut or a scrape, that regenerative process is what helps heal damage. It’s also a big factor in why skin stays nice and firm when the body is younger. As we age, however, that regenerative process begins to slow a bit, and the body starts producing less collagen. Collagen is what helps keep skin firm and smooth, so when the body produces less, this will eventually lead to things like wrinkles and loose skin.

Combating Signs Of Aging

When the body reaches around 30 years old, the rate of collagen production decreases by roughly 1 percent per year. This is why you may see some minor signs of aging in your 30s, but you’ll start to see a more noticeable decrease in skin elasticity as the years pass. Of course, genetics and aging aren’t the only things to affect your skin’s elasticity. Smoking, poor diet, and other habits can also impact your skin. Even gravity eventually takes a toll. Less collagen production, combined with other genetic and environmental factors, leads to wrinkles, sagging skin, and so on. Fortunately, there is a medical spa treatment designed to combat those signs of aging. Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment which stimulates collagen production to provide skin tightening benefits.

Ultherapy Basics

Ultherapy is an ultrasound treatment, so there is no need for an invasive surgery and lengthy recovery time like there would be with a facelift. Instead, the device relies on the body’s natural processes to help re-firm skin, which ultimately works to smooth out wrinkles and lift sagging skin. It’s an FDA-approved treatment — so far, it’s the only non-invasive treatment for lifting skin that has been approved by the FDA — so you can trust that it’s a safe way to give your skin a firming boost.
Ultherapy results are not immediate. The treatment is designed to trigger the body’s collagen production naturally, so you can expect to see the results take effect over the course of a few months after a treatment. While it isn’t a quick, all-at-once fix, the upside is it means there is no downtime while you recover. You can go for an Ultherapy treatment and head back to work right after! Another bonus is that most people only need a single treatment to firm the treated area. However, since Ultherapy works with the body’s natural processes, those with looser skin may benefit from a few sessions. This also means that, as skin begins to loosen again over time (as part of the natural aging process), you can go back for another Ultherapy treatment to boost collagen production again.

What Is Ultherapy Good For?

Unlike laser hair removal and some other medical spa treatments, Ultherapy isn’t intended for use all over the body. It’s specifically good for the more delicate skin areas around the face and neck. Commonly treated areas include the brow, cheeks, chin, neck, and decolletage.
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