If you’ve been told that pain is simply a part of life, you don’t need to suffer anymore. Yes, pain is inconvenient and uncomfortable, but what if you had a way to relieve it naturally? Would you do it? Whether you have pain in your lower back, between your shoulder blades, or anywhere else in your body, stretching may be a great way to relieve it. A simple daily routine could mean the difference between suffering in agony or enjoying life to the fullest.
Not only can stretching prevent potential pain, but it can also help relieve pain over time. A common struggle most people deal with is finding the time to actually stretch. Those already on a physical therapy regimen are prompted each time they visit their clinic or chiropractor to stretch. Sports rehabilitation typically includes a stretching program to alleviate tightness, discomfort, and even pain during the recovery process. But what about those who don’t have external accountability to get their stretching in? How does stretching relieve pain? Here are four ways stretching can help to relieve pain in the body:

1. Improves Flexibility

When you stretch, you’re moving your muscles. The more often you move your muscles, the healthier your body will feel. Improved flexibility helps protect you from injuries and strains that would otherwise cause discomfort or pain. As we age, our muscles and joints stiffen and tighten, which can trigger discomfort or pain. When you stretch, you’re elongating your muscles and improving range of motion. Pair this with increased blood flow, and you’re on your way to relieving pain and feeling better.

2. Improves Posture And Alignment

A common and increasing problem is poor posture. You can stretch daily to help improve your posture. Stretching helps strengthen your muscles over time, which gives you the strength to sit and stand properly, avoiding more severe conditions like sciatica. When your body is not properly aligned, inflammation can occur, which initiates a pain cycle. Routinely stretching the back, chest, and legs can help keep your body properly aligned. This reduces the chance of pain and inflammation. It can also help relieve pain if you’re already experiencing any.

3. Prevents Injury

Do you prepare your muscles before an exercised-based movement? Stretching effectively warms up your muscles, so that when you do participate in any kind of physical activity, your body is ready to move. When your muscles are warm, you have a less likely chance of straining or pulling them during activity. If you don’t stretch prior to physical activity, you’re putting your body through stress it isn’t prepared for. Stretching prior to activity relieves stress, improves blood circulation, and prepares your body for performance.

4. Increases Circulation, Oxygen, And Nutrient Supply

Most people understand that stretching increases blood flow to the focused muscle group, but most people don’t know that increased blood flow also increases nutrient delivery to the muscles. This is the reason stretching feels like it reduces soreness and improves recovery time. Furthermore, when you increase circulation, your body is receiving an influx of oxygen, which helps in recovery, healing, and performance. When you increase circulation, oxygen, and nutrient supply to specific muscle groups.

Relieve Pain With Routine Stretching

Stretching can be a part of a daily home routine, physical therapy, or chiropractic care. Whether you commit to basic stretches or delve into more advanced stretching techniques, you will find that the act of stretching can relieve pain and improve your overall health. Stretching is a great way to target mild discomfort to chronic pain with basic stretches. Once you get started, you’ll begin to reduce pain and feel better in no time. Contact Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa in Peoria!