Don’t Live In Pain

Are you looking for natural pain relief for your aches? Whether your pain has crept up out of nowhere or is a lingering result of injury, no one wants to be in pain. The chiropractic care services at Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa are designed with your comfort and well-being in mind, and include a holistic focus using physical therapy techniques to help your body heal and strengthen. More specifically, each treatment is personally tailored to and focused on what your body needs to heal. Our doctors and physical therapists keep up with the latest techniques and diagnostic services so we can provide you with the healing assistance your body needs—no medication, no invasive surgeries, just individualized treatments for pain relief, naturally.
Our physical therapy services work well for acute conditions and chronic concerns alike because we take our time in getting to the root of the issue using not just physical therapy but also chiropractic techniques. The combination of different services we offer, from massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments to acupuncture and decompression therapy, can be used individually or in conjunction with each other to help supplement each physical therapy session. This allows the Senara team to tailor treatment and provide individualized care to better help your specific injury or ailment.

Chronic Pain

Do you experience neck or back pain from sitting at a desk all day? Or maybe you have an injury that still causes problems, even after having surgery to correct the problem. Chronic pain, the medical term for ongoing or lasting pain, plagues many across Peoria and around the world. Whether the cause is a health disorder like Fibromyalgia or the lingering effects of an injury, chronic pain can have major impacts on your life. Because the root issue is often misalignment of bones or joints, or it is related to inflammation or dysfunctional nerves, chronic pain can be difficult to treat with medication or surgery.
Fortunately, physical therapy techniques can provide the muscle and joint strengthening necessary to help relieve pain and help even lingering injuries or issues heal. The difference comes in that we combine physical therapy with chiropractic techniques, which focus specifically on spinal alignment, joint health, and the nervous system. Because your central nervous system is so integrated into your spine, issues with the neck and back can cause pain that radiates into other parts of the body. Providing back pain treatment and a focus on spinal alignment may provide the healing to reduce or remove pain in the back, but it can also provide relief elsewhere in the body. Each physical therapy session will work to strengthen the areas of your body that need it, to help heal and prevent the pain from returning. Before you undergo surgery to correct your ongoing pain, see if muscle strengthening, massage therapy, spinal decompression, and other physical therapy treatments can provide the relief you seek naturally.

Acute Issues

As with chronic concerns, many acute pain issues can be alleviated with the assistance of physical therapy. Sometimes, the source of acute pain may have an obvious cause, such as an auto accident or a sports injury. Just as often, however, acute pain can arise from the onset of a herniated disc, sciatica, or other unseen issues. Before you rush to the surgeon and contemplate going under the scalpel to ease your pain, or before you rely on heavy narcotics to temporarily mask symptoms, visit the team at Senara Health. We use a range of services in conjunction with physical therapy to soothe pain and heal injuries without medication or invasive surgery.
If you’ve been injured and you need surgery, don’t let that deter you from seeking the help of the Senara Health team. We often work with clients both before and after surgery to help the body heal and grow stronger. Be honest and open with your doctor about your pain and everything else surrounding your health, and we will do our best to tailor our treatments in line with your body’s needs for lasting health and well-being.

Well-Rounded Treatment

At Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa, we want to treat your health needs holistically and heal the root issue behind your pain rather than mask symptoms. To do this, our physical therapy team will start with a consultation and review your medical history. The goal is to get the best idea possible as to the root cause of your pain, not just look at what is happening at the site of any pain. We will also perform a nerve scan and range of motion testing, perform a neurological and orthopedic exam, and take x-rays. The information from those tests adds to the comprehensive view of your overall health and wellbeing.
Once we know what is going on with your body, we can work with you to develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. This may include more traditional physical therapy techniques as well as massage therapy, acupuncture, or chiropractic adjustments and spinal decompression sessions.
There is no need to rely on medication or suffer without an end in sight. Contact the Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa team to schedule your consultation for chiropractic or physical therapy care in Peoria today to learn more about how we can help.