Better Performance Through Chiropractic Care

If you track any professional sports team—maybe the Cardinals or the Cubs, for those of you here in Peoria—you understand that injuries are fairly common throughout the professional sports world. Strength training, cardio, practices, and games all add up to a lot of work that an athlete pushes their body through, and all that work can eventually lead to issues. Of course, sports injuries are not limited to professional athletes. They are just as common among adolescent athletes and adults who play for fun.
The term “shin splints” can bring up some very visceral images for any athlete. While shin splints are an unpleasant feeling, pulled muscles and torn tendons are even worse. Athletes of all types work their bodies hard, and that hard work can translate into damage to muscles and joints. Heating, icing, and stretching are a good start toward caring for hard-worked muscles, but that may not always be enough to prevent injury. Physical therapy can provide the necessary care to help your sports injuries heal, reduce pain, improve joint mobility, and help prevent future problems.

Physical Therapy For Athletes

Muscle injuries are the most common category of injury athletes are likely to experience. One of the trickiest aspects of any training regimen is finding the happy balance between pushing yourself enough to see improvements and pushing so hard you pull a muscle or tear a ligament. The only way to improve your endurance, build muscle, or otherwise improve your performance as an athlete is to push your body a bit more during each workout. However, muscle injuries are tricky because they are fairly unpredictable. Providing your joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons with proper care can help reduce the likelihood of injuries that will slow down or halt your progress. Senara owner, Dr. Kramer, is an athlete himself, so injury prevention and healing is a key focus for our physical therapy and chiropractic team. Here’s a bit how we can help athletes of all ages and skill levels in the Peoria area:

Injury Prevention Assistance

There is a reason physical therapists work so frequently with athletes, and it’s not just because injury is so common. Physical therapy provides well-rounded care for joints as well as the supporting tissue and musculature. Our techniques are designed to help adjust misaligned bones and joints, which helps them function properly and minimize potential joint damage. In addition to the joints themselves, many of our physical therapy techniques also help improve flexibility and strengthen your body’s muscle framework, especially throughout your back and neck. The ultimate goal is to keep your bones properly aligned and encourage joint health, as well as improving strength in injured areas. When your skeletal and nervous systems are working together properly, this can help reduce the risk of injury and even help you grow stronger. If you wish to help improve your performance, no matter what your athletic venture, physical therapy techniques, especially when combined with chiropractic care, may offer the boost your body needs. Start by scheduling a consultation and be prepared to discuss both your medical history and your training regimen so our doctor can decide on the best course of treatment for your needs.

Injury Recovery Care

Of course, injuries happen and no sport or training is exempt. What may surprise you, however, is that it’s not always small aches that grow to become a big problem. The hardest things on the body are repetitive motions, forceful impacts, and pushing your body too hard without warming up first. What this means, generally, is that athletes are more likely to experience a pulled muscle from the repetitive motions of biking or running than they are to break a bone—collisions notwithstanding. Fortunately, this means that physical therapy can often provide non-invasive, non-surgical healing treatment for a wide range of different sports injuries.
Our focus is to get the body back into alignment and healing appropriately. Through physical therapy, we can help you build up strength safely after an injury. Adding in chiropractic techniques provides focus on joints and the nervous system, which can provide pain relief and healing simultaneously. At Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa, we use a combination of different treatment options to help heal sports injuries without surgery. These include:

Depending on your medical history and your injury, our doctors will combine the above treatment options to help your sports injury heal. During your initial consultation, we will review your medical history; perform a nerve scan, an orthopedic and neurological exam, and range of motion testing; and take x-rays. This will help our doctors get to the root cause of your pain and the full extent of your injury, which will allow us to provide more targeted pain relief and healing treatments.
After your initial consultation, treatment is divided into three flexible phases of care. First and foremost, we know that pain relief is paramount after an injury, so we start with techniques designed to relieve your pain. Then we move into corrective care, which is designed to help your body heal correctly. Then, once the root of the problem has been addressed and your injury has healed, wellness care will help your body stay in alignment and build up strength to prevent further issues.
Schedule your consultation with the Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa team today for sports injury help and healing in Peoria!