Soothe tired muscles and soften the skin. A flowing customized massage that incorporates steamed towels and nourishing oils with an incredibly relaxing light to medium pressure. Experience renewed energy and a deep sense of relaxation.

50 minutes $80

80 minutes $120


Deep Tissue

Recapture optimal vitality. Perfect before or after an athletic event or when sore muscles inhibit free movement, this massage addresses problem areas, soreness, and stiffness. Your therapist will customize your massage- incorporating heated herbal packs for deeper relief- to help you regain balance and mobility.

50 minutes $100

80 minutes $145


Neuromuscular Therapy/Myofascial Release

Restore flexibility and relieve pain. Therapeutic level massage techniques are used to relieve scarring and spasm of soft-tissue. Combinations of trigger point therapy, stretching, and deep tissue massage help to relieve pain and imbalances due to adhesions, calcifications, and dysfunctions in the muscle. Sessions focus on problem areas and can restore postural alignment and flexibility. A doctor often refers guests for this therapeutic service, which may make a session eligible for insurance reimbursement. However, a doctor’s referral is not required, and the service is available to any guest.

25 minutes $100

50 minutes $200



Nurture your body for baby. Expectant mothers appreciate this pampering massage to relieve common discomforts associated with pregnancy. Your therapist provides a full body massage while you lay in a bed designed especially to accommodate your “baby belly.” Feel comfort and relaxation when you need it most.

50 minutes $90

80 minutes $130


Muscle Mender 

Soothe tired muscles and alleviate stress. Experience relief from sore muscles with this relaxing Swedish style massage featuring Senara’s signature Muscle Mender Balm. This unique balm aids in the relief of sore and stiff muscles, and provides relief from inflammation. Heated herbal packs are incorporated to provide deeper relief, helping you regain balance and mobility. Upgrade this service to a deep tissue massage for only $20 additional.

50 minutes $90

80 minutes $130


Couples Massage*

Experience Senara together. The perfect way to spa with your significant other or a good friend. Choose any one of our traditional massage therapies and settle in to a private room, where the two of you will share a relaxing experience that you’ll both enjoy.

50 minutes $160+

80 minutes $240+
* Price based on Swedish.

Signature Massage Treatments

Hot Ocean Stone
Discover deep, warm relief. Smooth basalt stones and sea shells, gently enriched with therapeutic essential oils, are placed across the body and used to massage, restoring stagnant energy and providing relief from muscle tension and stress. The heated stones and sea shells are used as extensions of the therapist’s hands, allowing for a massage experience unlike any other.

50 minutes $95

80 minutes $135


Anti-Stress Aromatherapy
Restore balance and tranquility. A relaxing antidote to stress, our authentic aromatherapy treatment combines a special sequence of massage techniques- acupressure, Swedish, and lymphatic- with fragrant, pure essential oils. Promote elimination of toxins, strengthen the immune system, and support a healthy equilibrium of mind, body, and spirit.

50 minutes $95

80 minutes $135