Men Need Skin CareThe men’s skin care industry is growing rapidly, and for good reason. Key differences in men’s skin- physically and chemically- make them susceptible to moisture imbalances, irritation, and aging. With the proper skin care routine and targeted products, men will discover why caring for their skin can make such a difference in their personal and professional appearance.
Products specifically formulated for men are beneficial in combating these 5 reasons men need a quality skin care routine:
1. Shaving
For many men, razor burn and bumps are a routine battle in their facial hair upkeep. Shaving exfoliates the skin, but it also weakens skin’s moisture barrier. This all adds up to increased irritation and dryness. Furthermore, men have more nueroreceptor sites per square inch of skin than women, making their skin susceptible to the irritation that comes with shaving. By using a skin type specific (dry, oily, normal, combination) cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and serums in conjunction with a daily shaving routine, skin irritation can see a dramatic decrease and the moisture barrier will restore itself.
2. Sun Exposure
Although sun exposure is a concern for men and women alike, men have a higher rate of skin cancer. Additionally, many women’s cosmetics- foundations and other make-up products- have the benefit of creating a barrier to sun and environmental exposure, and mineral make-ups have a natural SPF without the addition of topical sunscreen. Men need a daily moisturizer with SPF to decrease chances of skin cancer and protect from environmental exposure. This is especially important for men who work outdoors or spend many hours in a car, truck, or motorcycle.
3. Rapid Aging
On the whole men’s skin ages later than women’s, but when it does begin to age it is much more abrupt. Starting a skin care routine earlier in life will help to make the natural aging process slower, continually treating the dermis layers to maintain their elasticity, collagen, and moisture prior to the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Women have known this for years, fighting the signs of aging before they begin is essential to making the process slower and more gradual.
oily_step14. Testosterone & Oil
Due to men’s testosterone being significantly higher than a women’s, they produce more oil in their skin naturally. However, they have much smaller oil glands than women and that makes men’s skin absorption challenged. This is why skin care products formulated specifically for men, rather than a unisex product, is so important. In order to penetrate those smaller oil glands, skin care formulated for men features more concentrated and powerful cleansers and moisturizers to balance the natural oil production. Many men’s brands, like OM4 Organic Male, feature moisturizers with a matte effect to keep oil at bay throughout the day and night. These products have the added benefit of reducing the appearance of shine and and oiliness.
5. Thick Skin
Men’s skin is 20-30% thicker than women’s. Thicker skin means that products need to more potent to penetrate down to the deeper levels of the dermis to create results. Men’s cleansers will feature extra cleansing agents to make sure the skin is cleaned all the way down through the pores. Extra cleansing agents and more potent serums featured in men’s skin care lines will also guarantee superior results to those with a product created for women, or a unisex skin care line.
Investing in a skin care line specifically formulated for men, like OM4 Organic Male found at Senara Spa, will enable men to care for their skin in a significant way. In today’s world of LinkedIn, Facebook, and other Social Media avenues, appearance is more important than ever in work and play, so caring for your calling card- your face- is more important than ever. A licensed esthetician can help men chose targeted products to meet their unique skin’s needs. Receiving a facial treatment will allow the esthetician to fully analyze the skin and give a boosted cleansing treatment to start men on their new grooming routine.
Senara Spa, located in Peoria, Illinois, offers a full line of Men’s Spa Services– massage, facial, manicure, and pedicure- in addition to their regular service treatments. Rotating Spa Specials are offered throughout the year, and June-July 2014 features a full line of Men’s Spa treatments. Call 309.693.9600 to schedule an appointment.