Yesterday, we asked the question of our fans if they knew the 7 most common food intolerances that can be hindering your weight loss efforts. So here are the answers!

  1. Dairy
  2. Gluten/Wheat
  3. Soy
  4. Eggs
  5. Corn
  6. Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners
  7. Peanuts

According to JJ Virgin, author of The Virgin Diet, unidentified food intolerance can cause bloating, fatigue, acne, sinus congestion, restlessness, and a large number of other symptoms that are not only making you gain weight, but feel unwell also. The impact of removing these foods can be immediate and dramatic after only a week without them.
So we challenge you to take the food intolerance test! Remove the 7 Foods listed above for 7 days… what kind of results do you notice?
Doctor Kramer, Penny, Martha, and Kara are all following the food intolerance diet and getting great results! If you have questions about a possibility of food intolerance, detoxing, or weight loss, schedule an appointment with Dr Kramer- he can help you customize a game plan for weight loss. Call 309.693.9600 to schedule!
– Jes