Sprayology B12
Finding a natural way to gain energy and feel calmer is a common thread for many, and for years our number one recommendation has been a B-complex supplement.
There is a trend in Hollywood right now for celebrities to find more natural sources of energy for their busy lifestyles. The media has started to report on these Vitamin Drip Treatments that are becoming more and more popular for over-tired celebrities to gain natural momentum for their busy lives. However, these IV treatments are extremely costly and only remain effective for a week or so, requiring regular treatments to maintain it’s benefits.
Our favorite way to stay naturally energized during the day? Sprayology B12 + Folic Acid homeopathic spray available in Senara’s boutique! This amazing vitamin supplement helps to naturally boost energy levels and lower stress with just a few quick sprays under the tongue (and it tastes great too!).
As a personal testimony to how awesome the Sprayology B12 spray is- while going through a series of several sleepness nights with my teething toddler, I couldn’t escape that overtired feeling, especially around the mid-afternoon. A couple of sprays of the B12 and within minutes the fog in my head cleared and I would feel so much more energized and focused for the rest of the work day. I carry it with me in my purse every day! Great for those days when you are running around or didn’t get to finish your coffee before you left the house!
For those looking for a daily dose of a full spectrum of B-vitamins, one of our all-time favorites for every day is Metagenics Glycogenics. It’s a powerhouse B-complex supplement that helps to manage stress and hormone levels on a daily basis. It’s the best kind of “happy pill” you can get- no prescription required!
Stop by the boutique to pick up a Sprayology B12 + Folic Acid homeopathic spray or Metagencis Glycogencis, and check out the other amazing supplements and natural remedies we carry, too! (I also highly recommend the Sprayology Allergease for this time of year- the BEST allergy remedy for quick relief!).
– Jes