The human body is an amazing structure that begins as a single cell. When fully developed, it contains approximately 37.2 trillion cells, has the ability to heal and regenerate tissues that have been damaged. Even with this amazing ability, from time to time the body needs a little assistance to help the process along.  Chiropractors are trained to help the body heal by eliminating pressure on nerves which can be caused by decreased joint mobility, and inflammation to soft tissues.

It’s All About the Nerve

A nerve usually contains a large number of nerve fibers that travel to different parts of the body and control different organs, muscles, vessels, arteries, and senses.  There are three major categories of nerves – sensory, autonomic and motor.

  • Sensory nerves control light touch, deep touch, hot and cold, taste, smell, sight, sound and pain.
  • Autonomic nerves are referred to as the “automatics” and unconsciously control the function of organs, glands and blood vessels.
  • Motor nerves control the contraction of muscles.

Signals are constantly being sent back and forth from the end of the nerve, to the spinal cord, then to the brain and back.  In a perfect scenario, the signals flow back and forth with no problem. Nonetheless, there are times those signals can be cut off or shorted out by pressure placed on the nerve.  When this happens, odd things start to occur or be perceived by the person.

  • When a sensory nerve is pinched, a feeling of numbness, tingling, burning or a loss of balance can be perceived.
  • Autonomic nerves that are pinched might cause organs to not work properly and can lead to issues with toxicity, blood pressure fluctuations, erectile dysfunction, infertility, irregular menses, thyroid dysfunction, and many more problems.
  • Pinched motor nerves show up as muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, and muscle twitching.

How Nerves Become Pinched/Impinged?

Nerves are delicate and require protection; just the weight of a dime on a nerve can cause a 40-60% decrease in the ability of a nerve to send information to the brain.  Nerves are protected by the bones of the spine, but can be pinched by the same structures that are meant to protect them.  Small openings in the spine allow the nerves to exit the spine, but it is at this point where most nerve pressure occurs.
Injury to the back can cause the bones of the spine to shift, which then causes tissues and bone surrounding the small openings to swell or become inflamed, placing direct pressure on the nerve itself.  An injury can be traumatic such as a fall from a ladder or it can caused by a series of small injuries caused by bad posture. This pressure interferes with the nerves ability to send signals back and forth from the body to the brain, kind of like a frayed wire that keeps shorting out

How Do Chiropractors Help?

Chiropractors are specially trained doctors that can assess the structure of the spine and make the needed manual correction.  In particular, chiropractors have the greatest effect on conditions where the problem is a loss of nerve communication between the body and the brain.  We work with the body to remove the elements that cause the blockage of communication, by utilizing manual adjustments to move the bone back to the appropriate location.
Sometimes the process involves strengthening and stretching of muscles to change posture, support the body, and keep the spine in proper alignment.  Proper nutrition also plays an important role in the healing process, and supplements and changes in diet are required because the body needs the proper fuel to heal and maintain a healthy system.  Once the pressure is removed from the nerve, the body can then begin to heal the affected area.

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