“A Day at the Spa is something out of a beautiful dream…”

Our first ever, “Mermaid for a Day” Sweepstakes wrapped up at midnight on Mother’s Day and the MerMom love that poured in to my e-mail for judging in the sweepstakes required tissues, to say the least. Out of more than 50 entries, the task to choose a winner was daunting. So MANY deserving Moms! One entry, in particular, stood out, and it was a unanimous decision that this Mom needed a day to escape at Senara Spa.
We are pleased to announce that Senara’s Grand Prize winning Mom in our first ever “Mermaid for a Day” Sweepstakes is Mikell D.!!! Mikell has won a Gift Certificate for our Total Renewal Spa Package, which includes:

With Mikell’s permission, here is her story:
It’s been a brutal couple months for me… After many years of suffering, my father passed away at the end of March. One week later, my beloved son died unexpectedly leaving a wife and 2 beautiful children. He was only 33. My heart is truly broken… I am exhausted taking care of my family, but treasure every day I have with them. A day at the spa is something out of a beautiful dream.” – GRAND PRIZE WINNER nomination for Mikell D., mother of 2
“A Day at the Spa is something out of a beautiful dream…” More poetic words have never been spoken by a mother, and we are honored to be able to help her live that dream. Congratulations, Mikell! From all of Senara’s MerMoms, we look forward to treating you to that “beautiful dream” in our Spa!
We had so many heart-felt nominations, we thought it only appropriate to share a few quotes from them with you. Congratulations to all of the Mom-inees!
“She is an amazing single Mom, she just graduated with her bachelor’s…She has also lost 90 pounds since last August working out and eating healthy. She deserves to be pampered because she never does anything for herself…”- nomination for Nicole D, mother of 2
” She is one of the least selfish people I know and she’s a great role model. I can’t even begin to explain all the reasons she deserves this…” – nomination for Christine L, mother of 2
“My brother and I were in the play the Little Mermaid and my mom helped out with everything and put up with us.” – nomination for Catherine L, mother of 3
“My mother is amazing. She is my very best friend and I adore her…” – nomination for Sharon J, mother of 2
“My mother has always been there for me when I needed rides to volleyball, forgot my homework at home, was too shy to ask a boy to a dance, brought home 300 lbs of laundry from college, and recently, when I changed my entire life plan around to follow my dream. My mom has always supported me even when she is busy with … work, home life, and my brother and me. I think she deserves to be a Mermaid For a Day!” nomination for Debra S, mother of 2
” My Mom is the quintessential caregiver. For as long as I have known, she has cared for others at the expense of herself…” – nomination for Brenda H, mother of 2
“…Not only does she work hard at her job, she has become the best wedding assistant I could ever ask for over this past year. She devotes all her free time to helping me make sure all the smallest details are just right…  I love my Mom more than anything in the world!” – nomination for Donna J, mother of 2
… she has demonstrated what it truly means to love unconditionally….” -nomination for Kathy R, mother of 4
…She makes me want to be a better man and father… She is my Superman, my Batman, and my Ironman all rolled into a tiny package. She deserves all the good things in life and I plan to give her all I can!” – nomination for Cynthia O, mother of 2
…My Mom has always been the one to “take one for the team” and to pamper everyone else before herself. She deserves a day to feel what all of us kids have experienced our whole lives…” -nomination for Sally W, mother of 5
Totally a selfless, hardworking, joyful mother… she is a wonder to be around. And she always looks cute too!!” – nomination for Lindsey Z, mother of 5
My mom has 2 conditions that make it difficult for her to take care of us. She stayed home to take care of us for 12 years. Mommy was just laid off from work and I know every time she get a massage it makes her happy. I just want to see mommy happy again.” – nomination for Bobbie V, mother of 2
She is a teacher, mother, and wife. She cooks, cleans and provides all the essential for her family to be happy. …Our house and foundation are solid because of her dedication to us. She deserves a day to relax and enjoy peace and serenity.” – nomination for Andi B, mother of 1
This is one tough momma! We recently had our first baby a couple months ago… After 70 hours of labor, Ashley gave birth to our first born son. She worked so hard to bring our baby into this world and hasn’t stopped since that day in caring for him, maintaining our home, and all the other things that come daily with being a wife and mother. I would love to see all of her much-appreciated hard work rewarded with a day of pampering and relaxation. After all… Baby and Daddy think she has more than earned it!” – nomination for Ashley B, mother of 1
Congratulations again to Mikell, all of our Mom-inees, and every Senara MerMom! Happy Mother’s Day!
– Jes