Sometimes achieving a goal can seem overwhelming, and the best solution is to start with just one step. One small thing you can do to start work toward that goal. And when it comes to BIG lifestyle changes to eat better, exercise more, or just take time out for yourself, identifying ONE thing you can do to begin the process is always a good starting point.
So, what’s your ONE thing? What ONE thing have you done this week to work towards improving your health and wellness?
For this blogger, my one thing this week is to try to eat a wider variety of vegetables. On the menu this week is napa cabbage, bok choy (a great source of calcium!!!), fennel and brussel sprouts.  Made a luxurious fennel risotto with dinner last night and can’t wait to eat the left overs… Veggie stir fry will be on the menu tomorrow with the bok choy and cabbage! Still deciding what to do with the brussel sprouts, but it will come to me!
Happy Monday, Senara Fans!
– Jes