To say that Senara’s Sea Shell and Hot Stone Massage is amazing would be an understatement. It is a sensory delight, a must-experience, and my hands-down favorite massage. There really is nothing like it. And during the winter it is an essential service to warm your body, relax your muscles, and soothe your soul.
There is a peaceful simplicity in the feeling of the warm stones massaged in to your muscles. The massage therapist uses the hot stones and shells as an extension of their hands, relieving your sore muscles, with long, flowing strokes and a soothing light to medium pressure (deep tissue work is available for an additional fee). Even though the therapist is using the warmed stone to do the massaging, you won’t believe how good your muscles feel afterwards! The heat of the stone allows the therapist to relax the muscle while using focused techniques with the movement of the stone to relieve soreness.
As part of the spa treatment, stones are also placed strategically during service to create additional warmth and relaxation along the spine and feet. As someone who is always cold during the winter- I adore these extra details! Hot Stones are massaged from head to toe so that your whole body benefits from the warm stones- and I always recommend guests receive the face massage portion of the massage for a surprising treat (no spoilers!).
As part of our seasonal twist on this favorite, the addition of peppermint aromatherapy oil to the Sea Shell and Hot Stone Massage adds to the sensory experience. The light scent opens the airways and also aids in soothing aching muscles. Peppermint aromatherapy oil is a natural pain reliever and helps to gently stimulate circulation and blood flow. For anyone who is out power-shopping, it is the perfect recovery!
If you want to take this treatment over-the-top, add in the Peppermint Hand and Foot Paraffin enhancement. Not only does the warm paraffin relax your hands and feet, it also leaves your skin silky soft and hydrated. No more chapped hands from the cold!
Both the Peppermint Sea Shell and Hot Stone Massage and our Peppermint Hand and Foot Paraffin treatment are on Special throughout December and January. Book your winter spa getaway to experience these treatments by calling 309.693.9600! If you are looking for the ultimate holiday treat- add in our Peppermint Detox Facial and Peppermint Ocean Stone Pedicure Ritual! Fantastic pricing on Senara’s best services you won’t want to miss!
Happy Holidays!