Guy Shaving

With the launch of our new Men’s Skin Care Line- OM4 Organic Male- we are reminded that skin care really doesn’t need to be complex. It should be simple, straightforward, and easy to use. Just as we are in the habit of washing our hair, brushing our teeth, and shaving, skin care should fit in to that routine without effort. And for Men, ease of use is the most important feature of a product.

Great skin care should leave your face feeling supple and smooth. Dryness, flakiness, excessive oil, fine lines and sun damaged skin can all be easily fixed with a proper skin care routine. Kim Nixon, Skin Care Trainer for Canyon Ranch in Tuscon, says “You need to feed your skin just like you feed your body.” To keep your body healthy, you eat nourishing foods and workout. A daily skin care routine, with targeted products, does the same thing for your face!

OM4 at Senara

This is why we LOVE the simplicity of OM4. Potent ingredients, targeted products, and it’s simple to use. Their 4 Step system has clear and easy to understand instructions, and you only need to read those instructions once to know how to use the product.

  1. Wash– simple as can be, wash your face! OM4 Has 70% extra cleansing agents to combat oil (men’s skin is oiler due to testoterone)
  2. Tone– Balance skin pH with an aftershave splash featuring aloe, witch hazel, and colloidal silver to soothe and refresh
  3. Treat– Targeted serums bioactivate the skin, penetrating to the deepest level of the dermis to prevent aging
  4. Protect– defend against the environment with matte moisturizers that never leave skin dewy looking.

Easy as that! For fantastic results, OM4 has even created a Skin Fitness App that helps you customize your 4 Steps to your skin type. For a professional opinion and an ultra boost to starting your skin care routine, Senara’s Limited Edition Men’s Skin Fit Facial will give guys the kick start they need to younger looking and healthier skin. The facial includes a skin analysis, customized products, deep cleansing and exfoliation. Available in a 60- or 80-minute service length, the 80-minute Skin Fit Facial includes an optional back facial.
The OM4 Encore line of specialty products enhances the 4 step system with the addition of Shave Emulsion, Bamboo Citrus Scrub, Eye Serum, Lip Balm, Mineral Sunscreen, AntiFungal Foot Treatment and more. The Shave Emulsion is a MUST for every guy- it treats the skin while you shave and protects against razor burn and bumps.

OM4 Fathers Day Graphic

As part of our launch of the OM4 Skin Care line and Father’s Day we are offering a FREE Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 as a gift with purchase when you take home your customized Organic Male 4 Step Skin Care set! Stop by Senara to get this great gift with purchase for you or your guy!

Fathers’ Day is this Sunday, June 15th, don’t forget to pick-up a Gift Certificate for Dad in-store or instantly online!