As we are in the final stages of preparing for tomorrow night’s BUZZ Talk on the “7 Foods That Make You Fat,” we stumbled upon this great article from Forbes. The title, says it all- ” One Way to Be Healthier: Don’t Eat Like the Average American.” So true! The graphic impact of their graph on USDA recommendations versus what Americans are ACTUALLY eating is mind blowing! Let’s talk about some of these statistics, shall we?
The massive amounts of refined grains and sugars average Americans are consuming is a staggering difference from what is actually recommended. Notice that a special category had to be added for Frozen and Refrigerated Entrees? While convenient, these prepared meals are often high in sodium and other additives, and low in nutrients and fiber.
There is a great deficit in vegetables and fruits, of all kinds, in the standard American diet according to these statistics. Vegetables and fruits not only help you lose weight and feel great, but they support an improved immune, digestive, and nervous system! They should be the foundation of our eating choices, not a forgotten side dish!
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