Are you interested in taking a holistic approach to your health care? Holistic medicine has taken a large leap in popularity in the last several years. The approach is becoming more commonplace in the larger health care field, leading to advanced diagnostic methods that allow doctors to better care for their patients. Senara in Peoria offers holistic approaches to your health. Read on to learn how.

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What Is The Holistic Approach?

You may be wondering what holistic medicine means. The holistic approach is one where doctors focus on the entire being to treat and prevent illness. Practitioners look into the physical, mental, and emotional parts of the whole being instead of one piece at a time. Doctors look for ways to heal the illness, not just treat the symptoms.

A doctor talking with his patient about holistic medicine

Patient-centered Care

When physicians take a patient-centered approach to healing, they tailor medical needs to the patient. The focus puts the patient in the driver’s seat by allowing personal preferences, values, and needs to guide all decisions about their care. When patients feel more connected to their medical care, they are more apt to follow the doctor’s directions and put more effort into getting healthy.

A doctor talking with her patient about ways to prevent disease

Disease Prevention

Modern medicine practitioners spend their time treating acute illnesses and treating symptoms of those illnesses. Most traditional doctors don’t have the time to spend educating their patients on how to prevent diseases. Holistic medicine is all about education and providing resources to prevent disease. Doctors who take the time to get to know the whole person, from the foods they eat, to how they manage stress, are better able to provide solutions to disease prevention.

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Nutritional Medicine

In today’s society, people eat more processed foods than ever before. It is much easier to hit the local drive-thru than it is to cook a meal at home. Processed foods also tend to be cheaper than the fresh, wholesome foods our bodies need. These foods make us sick. That’s why holistic medicine specialists promote healthy eating to their patients. Eating healthy can prevent many diseases allowing you to stay in better control of your body.

Holistic medicine honors the mind-body connection by treating every part of a person. All body systems work together, and medical care should take this into account. That is where the holistic approach can help you. Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa physicians know this and work with patients to heal and prevent disease. Contact us today to request an appointment to learn more.