Our vision is to do everything we can to help our guests to Live Life Well. A big part of our vision came to life in 2011, when construction finished for our Senara Health and Healing Center and Senara Spa. It is the home we’ve built for our guests that brings together all the elements of a healthy lifestyle.

Senara is a special place: a wellness center, a community where our guests can experience just how good they can feel, so they’ll be inspired to live longer, healthier and more meaningful lives. It is your home for the Senara Experience, which is all about how we can help you feel your best.

Our Inspiration

Senara is a long-held dream come true for Dr. Keith Kramer and his wife, Penny. Every inch of the building and all of Senara’s services reflect the couple’s shared vision for how they can help others Live Life Well. The energetic twosome has worked as a business team since opening the first Kramer Chiropractic office in 2002. Learn more about the founders of Senara.

The Kramers were inspired to create the Senara Experience over a decade ago after an anniversary trip to Canyon Ranch in Arizona. The resort takes an innovative approach to health, wellness and holistic and integrative care. The experience changed their lives. The Kramers felt completely renewed, and wanted everyone to feel that way. Since then, they have made it their passion and mission to create a similar experience for others to enjoy. And that experience is the wellness center at Senara.

Why the Name Change?

A lot of people wonder why we changed our business name from Kramer Chiropractic to Senara when we built it, so we get this question a lot. And it’s a good one because that was a huge question for us to grapple with too. Honestly, because our Kramer name had become so well-known for outstanding health care, it was tough at first to even think about changing our name.

But after a lot of discussion, the entire staff agreed that the transition to Senara was a better fit for us and our wellness center. Changing from a family name reflects our growth, in staff size and especially in all the additional health and healing services we offer you at Senara.

Why the Name Senara?

There’s really no single answer for why we chose the name Senara. For starters, it’s unique and we just flat out like the sound of Senara. But there are other reasons too.

We first heard the name from the Kramers’ young daughter, Grace, who’s a swimmer and absolutely LOVES mermaids. Grace mentioned reading a book about mermaids that talked about the legend of Saint Senara, who happened to be a mermaid. Just as soon as she said Senara, a light bulb went off for us in our search for the perfect new name.

Mermaids are a natural, nautical match with our spa. To us, mermaids also symbolize, in many ways, what it means to Live Life Well. They’re active, powerful and fit. Beautiful and majestic, inside and out. They’re also alluring, charming and mystical. All these qualities and more describe mermaids and how we want you to feel when you Experience Senara.

The Legend of Saint Senara

The village of Zennor in England’s Cornwall region celebrates Mermaid Day in Saint Senara’s honor on April 30th every year. According to legend in Zennor, a young man named Matthew Trewella sang the closing hymn in the village church each evening. Saint Senara was so enchanted by his singing voice that she left her nearby cove and came ashore to listen closer. The two met and, as she visited more often, they fell so deeply in love that when she had to return to the sea, Matthew followed her into the water to spend eternity together.

Legend also has it that if you visit near Pendour Cove at sunset, you just may hear the young man singing, and that the fishermen there still listen for Matthew’s songs to decide if it’s safe to go out to sea or not.

If you ever visit that area of England, be sure to stop by St. Senara Church. Outside the church, you’ll find a bench that’s over 500-years-old with Senara’s likeness carved into it.