Incorporating stretches into your work from home routine is a powerful way to ensure your spine health. But knowing where to start when it comes to chiropractic stretches can be challenging.

At Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa, our chiropractic and acupuncture center is here to provide an individualized plan that gives you the relief and support you need. Request an appointment online today and read through some simple stretches you can do while you’re working from home.

Stretches for Spine Health

While stretches don’t replace the need for routine chiropractor appointments, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of stretching between visits. Daily stretches are a great midday boost that helps reduce inflammation and pain from improper posture.

Give some of these stretches a try. But, if you have more serious pain conditions or find that these stretches don’t help, ask your chiropractor about specific stretches and treatments that would be best for you.

Neck Tilt

Staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day can put different strains on your neck, leading to pain and discomfort throughout the day. Try out some various stretches to help loosen your neck and regain your focus.

Forward/Backward Tilt

Face forward with your back straight. Lower your chin towards your chest and hold that position for 15–30 seconds before relaxing and bringing the head back up. Now you’re going to do the same thing towards the back. Tilt your chin towards the ceiling, bringing the base of your skull towards your back, and hold for 15 seconds.

Repeat this stretch periodically throughout the day when you feel your neck getting stiff or tired.

Side Tilt

Like the forward/backward tilt, you want to start facing forward with a straight back. Carefully tilt your head toward the right shoulder without raising that shoulder. Once you’ve gone as far as you can, hold that pose for 10–15 seconds before returning to the start position.

Now, do the same stretch on the other side of your neck, holding for 15 seconds before returning your head forward. Again, you can repeat this exercise throughout the day to loosen your neck.

Shoulder Roll

When you’re sitting at a desk all day, you can start to hold a lot of tension in your shoulders. To help alleviate that strain, take a moment to stand up and try a shoulder roll.

For this stretch, face forward with your feet shoulder-width apart. Start by raising the shoulders up and move them in a circular motion. Relax for a moment and raise your shoulders again. This time, go in a circular motion in the opposite direction. Repeat until your shoulders feel relaxed.

Seated Hip Stretch

This seated hip stretch is easy to do whether you’re working from home or in an office setting and experience hip pain. While staying seated in your office chair, bring your right foot up and rest it on your left knee. Sit up as tall as possible. With your other foot flat on the ground, hinge your hips forward, hold, and release.

Repeat the same process on the other side, bringing your left foot up to rest on your right knee. This stretch is a great way to open your hips and increase your flexibility.

Lower Spine Stretch

If your back gets sore throughout the day, a lower spine stretch can help your move and stretch out the spine. This stretch you can do while sitting in your work chair.

Start by placing your feet flat on the floor with your right arm on the arm of the chair. Lift your left arm straight up into the air and lean your arm to the right. This stretch should create a light curve to your body. Hold this position for 30 seconds before releasing. Then switch arms, raising your right arm and leaning it towards the left.

Cat-Cow Stretch

The cat-cow stretch is great to help relieve back pain while also improving the flexibility of the spine. If you take yoga, this stretch will already be familiar to you.

For the cat-cow stretch, you’ll need to move to the floor and start on your hands and knees. Make sure your hands are aligned underneath your shoulders.

While in the position, let your abdomen lower down towards the floor as you breathe out. When you breathe in, reverse by arching your back. Repeat this cycle multiple times until your back feels relaxed. Additionally, this stretch works as a great breathing technique to help reduce any stress or work fatigue.

Cobra Stretch

If you’re looking to relieve tension held in the mid-back section, incorporate this stretch into your workday.

The cobra stretch is another one you’ll have to perform on the floor. Start by lying on your stomach with your legs together and palms face-down by your shoulders. Keep your feet flat and press up with your hands to lift your head and chest off the floor. Ground your hips in the mat and lean your head back and you rise.

This stretch will lengthen your spine. Hold for one full breath before relaxing. Then repeat this stretch.

Prioritizing Your Spine Health

As you work from home, make sure you’re taking steps to keep your spine strong and healthy. When you’re sitting or standing at your desk, make sure you sit up tall with a straight back.

If you notice new or increasing pain as you spend more time sitting at your desk, a visit with a chiropractor at our chiropractic center in Peoria can help you develop a personalized treatment plan to help with any alignment problems or joint pain you’re experiencing.

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