Our immune systems are the first line of defense we have against viruses and other illnesses. So just like you take care of your health with regular chiropractic care appointments, you also want to focus further on the strength and health of your immune system.

Nowadays, it’s even more important that you give your immune system the support it needs to stay strong and healthy! Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa’s Nutritional IV Therapy provides your body with a boost of hydration, in addition to our immune-boosting Vitamin C and other essential vitamins and minerals. If you already know that you need immune-boosting therapy, we’ve answered your frequently asked questions about our immune-boosting IV therapy treatments.

Senara is still open during regular business hours, so you can request an appointment for an immune system IV or shot at our medical spa in Peoria, and leave feeling supported and rehydrated.

IV Therapy and Your Immune System

Certain situations or concerns — like an elevation in your stress levels, autoimmune health issues, or malabsorption problems — can leave your body feeling weak, dehydrated, and imbalanced. While you can try to avoid sickness or worsening your symptoms outwardly by washing your hands, not touching contaminated surfaces, or avoiding crowded public areas, there are other ways to ensure the strength of your immune system.

The job of your immune system is to destroy any germs or parasites that enter your body. So if you have a weak or imbalanced immune system, it can make it harder to fight off or recover from different illnesses.

But you can give your body the key vitamins and other nutrients that it needs to stay healthy using IV infusions. IV therapy helps your body heal from within, providing your immune system with a direct means of absorbing the vitamins and minerals it might be lacking. Through the intravenous process, you’re infusing these different nutrients directly into your bloodstream, ensuring their effectiveness and allowing for higher doses than can be taken orally!

Benefits of IV Therapy

Boosting your immune system through IV therapy can help increase your energy, enhance your mood, decrease stress and anxiety, strengthen immunity, hydrate, and help muscles recover.

But beyond those benefits, we can tailor each injection to meet your specific needs. Our Fuse IV Center at Senara specializes in custom nutritional IV therapy treatments. This customization ensures that your body gets the nutrients and benefits it needs from your IV infusion. For example, we can customize your infusion to include vitamin C and the amino acids L-Glutamine and L-Glutathione to strengthen, aid, and defend your immune system.

Nutritional IV Therapy at Senara

Right now, our immunity IV therapy will give your immune system the boost it needs to be strong and ready to defend against any viruses, including COVID-19.

Our Fuse IV Center in Peoria also offers different IV therapy treatments, including:

  • Immunity: Infuses high doses of Vitamin C and other immune system boosting goodies!
  • Detox: Balances your body
  • Refuel: Hydrate your body and replenish key vitamins
  • B12 Injection: Improve your overall energy
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: Helps fight infection in your body without antibiotics

When it comes to the nutrients you need to be healthy, each body is different. So take a customized approach to your body’s strengths and weakness and have our licensed physicians customize an IV therapy blend. That way, you can ensure that you’re getting the right balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.

Staying Healthy and Strong

It’s easy to forget about strengthening and supporting your immune system. Whether you always eat a balanced diet or are someone who is prone to getting sick, anyone can benefit from an infusion. If you’re looking to strengthen your immunity during COVID-19, try our immunity IV therapy or have an IV therapy customized to what your body needs.

Make your immune system a priority and request an appointment for nutritional IV therapy at our Fuse IV Center in Peoria.

Our team at Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa is here to provide you with an experience that both pampers and benefits your health. Make sure you take a look at some of the other therapies and services offered at our medical spa to take a well-rounded approach to your overall health and wellness: