Posted Date: April 1, 2020

SENARA FUSE IV: Immune-Boosting IV Therapy Treatments

For over 4 years, Senara has offered Nutritional IV Therapy treatments in our Fuse IV Vitamin Lounge, located in Peoria, IL. The uses of Nutritional IV Therapy are endless, and can be beneficial for managing a wide variety of health conditions and wellness goals. Now, more than ever, Senara’s Fuse IV Therapy treatments can be an important tool in improve our patient’s health and immune systems.

Preliminary results out of New York and China has shown that High Dose Vitamin C IV Therapy treatments, in conjunction with prescription medications, has drastically improved outcomes in COVID-19 infected patients. It stands to reason that the same IV Therapy treatment may aid non-infected patients in boosting immunity to reduce the risk of infection and severity of symptoms if they do contract the virus.

If you are interested in receiving an Immunity IV Treatment at Senara’s Fuse IV Lounge, give us a call at 309.233.0994 and we’d be happy to get you scheduled. As an essential medical provider during these unprecedented times, it is our honor to provide a safe place for our patients to stay as healthy as possible.

Immunity IV Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

Who administers the IV treatment?

  • Nutritional IV Therapy is a medical service. They MUST be administered and supervised by an MD or Nurse Practitioner.  Because when given intravenously (IV) they are a prescription, and have exact dosages of patient specific vitamins and minerals.

Can I just take an over-the-counter supplement instead and get the same benefits?

  • No. Vitamin IV’s are NOT the same as over the counter vitamins. They are in much higher doses and delivered directly to the blood stream. You cannot take the same amount orally without risk of damage to your digestive tract. Bypassing the digestive tract by administering the vitamins and minerals via IV also ensures efficacy as your digestive system can only process limited amounts of certain vitamins.

What’s in the $95 Immune IV Treatment?

  • Vitamin C: Strengthens Immune system by helping to kill Viruses and bacteria (You cannot obtain this amount orally).
  • Vitamin B3,B5,B9,B12: Boosts energy
  • Calcium Gluconate: Helps balance the PH
  • Magnesium Chloride: Calms the nervous system, increases energy, relaxes the muscles

What are the benefits of IV Therapy?

  • Boosts overall immunity with high doses of vitamins and minerals, more than can safely be consumed orally
  • Normalizes immune response
  • Creates a reaction that weakens bacteria and virus membranes
  • Weakens viruses with Vitamin C so your immune system can KILL them easier!

Immunity IV Therapy to Reduce Coronavirus Infection Risk

Immunity IV Bags: $95/each

Senara IV’s contain the SAME prescription vitamins and minerals as those being Used in NYC & China with current Covid-19 hospitalized patients.  While Senara does NOT treat anyone who tested positive for COVID-19, the immune boosting results may be an effective prevention strategy to mitigate risk.

  • Studies out of NY and China are showing quicker recovery response from the infected individuals who received IV Therapy.
  • Benefits of IV therapy are shown to last 7 days, so weekly treatment is recommended to keep the immune system boosted.

Super Immunity (Thymosin Alpha-1) Booster:  $50/each

  • Powerful Anti-viral Booster approved for use in 30 countries
  • It can be given alone in a shot, or it can be added into an IV bag
  • It is used to treat Lyme Disease, Hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, also helps make the Flu vaccine more effective and used to treat autoimmune disorders
  • Helps keep your healthy immune cells from dying so they are stronger to fight off viruses.
  • Keeps the virus from making more virus (splitting)
  • It improves your immune system (Natural Killer cells)
  • Helps you develop antibodies quicker (antibodies are what your body produces to keep the virus from making you sick again)
  • Should be given 2 times a week or until Viral threat is lessened

To schedule an IV Therapy Appointment, give us a call at 309.233.0994.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.  These products and services are intended to support, not replace, your current medical care. Individual result may vary.