Physical education and sports are a great way to keep children active and busy during the school year. But with most school postponing group experiences like that until it’s safer, it can be hard to know how to keep your children active. 

At Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa in Peoria, we want to make sure that your children are getting the exercise they need to keep their joints and muscles strong and healthy. On top of that, our pediatric chiropractor can help with individualized care for your child and their specific needs, including treatment for ear infections, ADHD and ADD, asthma and allergies, and digestive issues. 

Meet with our pediatric chiropractor, and try some of these unique ways to keep your child active while they’re at home! 

Ways to Keep Children Active

Children are supposed to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. While exercise is good for their overall health, it also keeps their muscles and bones strong and reduces their risk of musculoskeletal injuries.  

But without physical education classes in school and after school sports, parents are having to get creative with ways to keep their children active at home. On top of that, we’re heading into winter where it’s hard to send your children outside to run around and play with their siblings. That’s why we want to share some different outdoor and indoor activities that will get your children moving! 

Outdoor Activities for Your Children


While most group and school sports are not happening this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t make time for their favorite sport! If your child loves soccer or football, send them out with the family or some friends to throw or kick around the ball. Or spend an evening trying your hand at a family baseball game, and get them excited about their favorite sport again! 

Go for a Walk

If you have a family dog, that’s a great way to incorporate a daily walk as part of your family. If not, use this as a time to enjoy some fresh air and talk about their day at school.

Even when it gets colder outside, the dog will still need a walk so your children can bundle up and take your furry friend for a walk around the neighborhood! 

Go for a Bike Ride 

Even if your child doesn’t have anywhere to go, encourage them to take their bike out for a ride around the block. Bike riding is also a safe, socially-distanced activity. They can meet up with their friends and ride around the neighborhood. 

If they can’t easily bike around the neighborhood, find a nearby trail they can try out. Bike rides also make a great weekend outing for the entire family after a busy week of virtual learning. 

Indoor Activities for Your Children


Encourage your children to stretch or move — especially between virtual classes. We’ve already shared some great stretches for children that you can try. Or you can meet with our pediatric chiropractor for more individualized stretches that will keep your child’s musculoskeletal system healthy and flexible. 

Try Some New Dance Moves

Does your child love to dance? Turn on their favorite artist or song and have them dance around the house. You can also find a dance video they can follow along to. After just a few songs, your child will have warmed up their muscles and burned off some energy! 

Buy Some New Equipment

You don’t need an entire at-home gym set up to give your child an adequate workout. Something simple, like jumping rope or playing hopscotch in the garage, will get their blood flowing.

Prioritize Workouts as a Family

If you’re having trouble keeping your children motivated and active, make it a family event! Find a fun, at-home workout that you can easily do together. This keeps your children engaged and active, along with giving your family something you can do together each day. 

Create an Obstacle Course or Scavenger Hunt 

If you have some time to plan out an obstacle course or scavenger hunt, that’s a great way to not only get them active, but to get them thinking in a new way! 

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With limited resources at home, it might take a little creativity to keep your children active. But moving for 60 minutes a day will keep your children healthy and their musculoskeletal system strong. Pair that daily physical exercise with an appointment with our pediatric chiropractor at  Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa in Peoria. 

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