1. Winter Health: How to Keep Your Immune System Strong

    Cold weather can start to take a toll on your immune system, especially if you’re not supporting your immune system daily But where do you start to keep your immune system strong? That’s where the team at Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa in Peoria comes in. Helping you Live Life Well i…Read More

  2. Winter Health: Healthy Eating Tips

    This winter, our Winter Health series has covered different ways you can prioritize your health, ranging from bolstering your immune system and exercising enough to supporting your skin with skin care options. In this last post of the series, we wanted to share some healthy eating tips that you can …Read More

  3. Winter Health: Skin Care Tips

    With many states throughout the country dealing with cold weather and winter storms, it's more important than ever to be kind to yourself and others. This winter, take time to support those around you and in your community with kindness. Take a moment to listen to others while also making time for y…Read More

  4. Winter Health: Exercise & Your Immune System

    Do you know that euphoria feeling you get when you finish a workout? That feeling comes from the flood of endorphins that were released during your workout. Those endorphins help you feel less pain and can produce feelings of happiness. But beyond that, those endorphins work to reduce stress, improv…Read More

  5. The Best Time to Try Coolsculpting or Cooltone

    Every weight loss journey includes proper diet and exercise. A combination of both helps you stay healthy while melting away the pounds. But when you're down to the last layers of fat, you may encounter cellulite and belly fat that just won’t budge.   If making lifestyle adjustments is not pr…Read More

  6. The Effects of Stress on Your Body

    While stress can be, well, stressful, it can cause other effects on your body. In fact, there are three different types of stress that your body can experience: physical, emotional, and chemical.  Frequent visits with a chiropractor is a powerful way to help alleviate the effects of that stress on …Read More

  7. Try Customized IV Therapy at Senara

    With winter quickly coming to an end, it’s important to give your immune system all of the support you can in order to start spring on the best foot.  At Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa in Peoria, we’ll create a customized IV therapy designed to help you with any concerns you have. R…Read More

  8. What Chiropractors Treat 101

    At Senara, you’ll hear the mantra Live Life Well. This saying takes root in our chiropractic and acupuncture center.  Chiropractors can help people recovering from a sports injury or another injury. But if you’ve never met with a chiropractor, you might be surprised to hear that they can help w…Read More

  9. Be Kind to Yourself & Others This Year

    At Senara, you’ll hear the mantra Live Life Well. But this year, we also want you to Be Kind. Be kind to yourself and the other important people in your life.  A new year offers a chance for a fresh start. While 2020 was nothing short of unexpected, it’s also shown us the importance of taking a…Read More

  10. Children’s Spine Health — Stretches to Keep Your Children (and Their Bones) Strong

    With children spending more and more time at home — and the postponement of different group sports and physical activities — encouraging your children to stay active can feel like an uphill battle.  Incorporating stretches into your daily routine is the perfect way to get your children’s bloo…Read More